Hertz charges woman $500 for flat tyre

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Hertz charges woman $500 for flat tyre

A woman rents a car from hertz, gets a flat tyre, changes it for the spare, and gets charged $60 for it. She pays can finds her account debited for $599!!

Even the first charge of $60 for a flat tyre is outragious, not to mention the amount she actually paid.

... Quote:
Late on the night of January 20th, during a rainstorm, a tire blew out on the vehicle; so, after exchanging the tire with the spare the following morning, on January 21st, I returned the vehicle to the agency at their suggestion and wrote a full report. The agency assured me there would be no problem of any charges.

Upon returning to the airport three weeks later, the manager, Eleazar G. Leyva informed me that Hertz was demanding payment of $60.00US for damage to the tire. Anxiously on my way to a plane, I agreed to the charges, more for the sake of expediency rather than out of any sense of obligation.

Subsequently, my credit card was charged $499.48

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By netchicken: posted on 16-3-2007

Thats why people should take insurance with rentals. They are out to rip you off for every scrape and dent.
By IAF: posted on 16-3-2007

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