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Caves found on Mars

A cave would be a great place to set up your base if humans ever reach Mars. It would provide protection from the elements and if you could seal the end give an airlocked structure with little work.

Not to mention the obvious as well, a cave would be the most obvious place to find life.

Scientists studying pictures from Nasa's Odyssey spacecraft have spotted what they think may be seven caves on the surface of Mars.

The candidate caves are on the flanks of the Arsia Mons volcano and are of sufficient depth their floors mostly cannot be seen through the opening.

The authors say that the possible discovery of caves on the Red Planet is significant.

The caves may be the only natural structures capable of protecting primitive life forms from micrometeoroids, UV radiation, solar flares and high energy particles that bombard the planet's surface.

The spacecraft spotted what seemed to be vertical "skylight" entrances to caves below the surface.

There is a sheer drop of between about 80m and 130m or more to the cave floors below.

The cave entrances are between 100m and 252m wide (330-828ft).

However, in one image taken of Dena by the Mars Odyssey Camera, a floor can be seen.

Using the data, the authors calculated that this cave must extend 130m (426ft) below the surface.

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By netchicken: posted on 18-3-2007

I say what are we waiting for !

Now that they have found subterranean caves, water and resources. They might as well go there and plant the flag, so to speak. They just need to set up a unified space command and pool resources together to make it worth while. I doubt NASA or the Europeans could offset the costs as much as the Russians or the Chinese or the Indians or the other space agencies.

First the Moon then to Mars. It might even be a healthy distration for people form the "war on War on War" and petty strife that the world have been dragged into.
By IAF: posted on 18-3-2007

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