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Great news from Kurdistan

In a part of the world starved of good news, this report on the emerging country of Kurdistan is a good read with good pictures. Nice to see that an oppressed people are building their own country so successfully in the shadow of Iraq.

The first time I drove from the airport into Erbil I felt that I had arrived in a dodgy and ramshackle backwater. This time I felt – properly, I must say – that I had arrived in the capital of a serious and rising new power in the Middle East.

Nation-building is a hard and violent slog in the center and south of Iraq, and it might not ever work out. But in Kurdistan, in the north, it already is a reality.

Massive new construction projects are literally everywhere. Most of those that had started when I arrived for the first time are finished, and ambitious new projects are well underway.
By netchicken: posted on 20-3-2007

That is a very 'rosy' picture ! Far from the one I have been reading. It is true that 2/3 of Kurds feel safer now than when Sadam was in power. However Turkey is prepared to invade and combat the Kurdish Resistance. The Iranians are bombing and sending kill squads in. The Israelis and U.S. are giving them money and training to infiltrate Iran.

In short the area is far from stable. However, so is the rest of the world. :dbguy
By TUTUTKAMEN: posted on 20-3-2007

Good. The Kurds deserve their own country anyway. there has been a long history of abuse by their arab and turkish overlords. The Kurds are happy to be free. the rest of Iraq are pissed off because they are free and happy now.

Nuke Bagdad.
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 30-3-2007

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