Sony\'s PlayStation 3 publicity stunt.

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Sony's PlayStation 3 publicity stunt.

It seems that Sony still knows how to appeal to its consumers;

... Quote:

In the UK, the patient gamers who had waited up to 36 hours at one particular store in London got much more than they bargained for.

As Thursday crossed into Friday, 17-year-old Ritatsu Thomas and 100 other PlayStation fans crammed into the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street were jubilant.

And not just because they were the first gamers in the UK to get their hands on Sony's long-awaited games console.

Nor was it due to the fact they had been fuelled on free coffee and Coke for the last 24 hours.

They had just been told they had been rewarded for their patience and loyalty with a free 2,500 high-definition TV on which to play their shiny new console.

At first the crowd did not respond to the giveaway. Their senses dulled by the long wait, and the fact most of them had been made to stand in a darkened corner of the shop for about two hours, meant it took a few seconds before they realised they were each walking away with a free television.

"It's unbelievable. It's like a dream come true," said 28-year-old Tim Taylor, from east London.

"How much is this costing Sony?" he asked.

The answer was about 250,000 and that did not include the free taxi ride home each and every person was receiving. It was a great publicity stunt by Sony and exceedingly generous for a firm reported to be losing up to $300 on every PlayStation 3 sold.

Gamers hugged themselves and each other as the news filtered through to their sleep-deprived brains that they were getting a television. Soon many were on the phones to friends and family.

Miles Frost, from Chelsea, in west London, rang his brother, who had decided at the last minute not to queue.

"We are all getting a free HD TV," he said down the phone. "On mum's life, I swear it's true."

"I'm ecstatic. Sony we love you."


Now thats a way to get some attention and a LOT of consumer loyalty. I bet these customers will gladly lineup for a PlayStation 4 if there ever should be such a thing.
By IAF: posted on 23-3-2007


A free HD TV! That is amazing :)

I wonder how much 250,000 would have gone if they had just spent it on an ordinary promotional campaign.

I certianly doubt they would have got anything like the great reports they did get.
By netchicken: posted on 24-3-2007

I think Sony's gettin desperate because their system's garbage. You don't see Nintendo and Microsoft pullin that stuff because the 360's dominating and the Wii isn't doin too bad either, but I must say when I was out campin for the Wii on Nov. 16th, I would've loved to have gotten a new HDTV.
By FrozenFlameXXX: posted on 29-3-2007

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