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Nice photos you got there Ely_Mountains, Did you take them yourself
That first pic looks like a bit of motion blur to it at the top part, Iím
No photographer or even an expert in photography but did that pic
Look like the sky for real cause Iíve never seen that effect before.

Awesome shot tho if it was. :tu
By Shan: posted on 24-3-2007

Hey, yeah its for real. Exposed for 30secs at the dead of night.

I use canon 350d digital. That shot was on an 18mm lens, most of the wildlife shots i take are on 70-300mm telephoto.

By Ely_Mountains: posted on 24-3-2007

This is how quickly the Australian bush recovers from fire......

Xanthoreea media or 'Grass Tree', is one of the first plants to recover from bushfire. this is 2 weeks after an an extremely severe bushfire about 20kms from my place in Nov 2006.

Xanthoreea.jpg - 165.07kb
By Ely_Mountains: posted on 24-3-2007

Wow only 2 weeks after a fire!

Thats pretty fast growing, look at the brown green line on each 'branch' which must be the deliniation of the fire. Not ot mention all the little plants springing up.

How do the wildlife cope in such bush fires?

Do they recover in numbers very fast, or is the bush silent for a long time?

They are great photos :)
By netchicken: posted on 25-3-2007


Well, here are some other shots taken on the same day. I visited the area last weekend and everything is green again, except for the trunks of the trees, all the undergrowth has returned (more sparse though). Alot of Australian plants need regular fire to release their seed (as shown in the following photos). By "regular" i mean every 6-7 years or so, any more frequent than that and the biodiversity of an area will decrease. Most wildlife survives fire- birds wing it outta there, and Larger marsupials can escape the fires. Reptiles suffer the most along with the insects. I have hundreds of shots if anyone would like more.....

REmember these shots are only 2 WEEKS after a SEVERE bushfire...

petrophile 1.jpg - 80.03kb
By Ely_Mountains: posted on 25-3-2007

New growth on a gum tree...

tree1.jpg - 164.61kb
By Ely_Mountains: posted on 25-3-2007

Heat forces the seed pods open and seeds are released.... the frilly whitish things are the seeds.

petrophile 2.jpg - 47.72kb
By Ely_Mountains: posted on 25-3-2007

This is where the fire took place, the Grose Valley. Is a huge part of the world heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park. You can see it on Google Earth at: 33dgrees37'38.30S - 150dgrees20'43.00E although it does not show as fire affected there.

grose valley.jpg - 54.91kb
By Ely_Mountains: posted on 25-3-2007

This is the road towards the lookout. Fire crews stood side by side for kilometers battling flames so that it did not cross the road. There are houses only a few hundred meters back from the road.

road1.jpg - 106.22kb
By Ely_Mountains: posted on 25-3-2007

Hey these are beautiful pics (as well you got the file sizes worked out, they are nicely optimised!)

That is a really nice camera to take those shots
By netchicken: posted on 25-3-2007

Thanks netchicken. They are reduced from about 8 - 10mb each to 200kb.

Will; post some more interesting photos this arvo
By Ely_Mountains: posted on 25-3-2007

You are very handy with the camera, Ely; those are beautiful pics.
What camera do you use?
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 26-3-2007

Thanx mate:) i use a canon 350d digital slr. Its my baby
By Ely_Mountains: posted on 26-3-2007

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