USA purchases Russian \"UFOS\"

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USA purchases Russian "UFOS"

Wondering about the UFO sitings? May be one of these...

Earlier this week, western media released information that Russian Aviation Concern "EKIP", a subsidiary of "Saratov Aviation Factory," will become the main construction center for manufacturing robotic self- piloted flying objects "EKIP".

America will be Russian number one partner in this business. Russian newly developed flying objects will be purchased and used by the US Air Force.

The US Air Force research center expresses its active interest in the Russian project.

According to AviaPort.Ru, the "EKIP" airplane resembles a typical "UFO". It is one of the most ambitious projects of the Saratov"s factory. The one and only prototype of the Russian UFO has been already constructed and tested during the early 90s.

"EKIP" is capable to transfer heavy and bulky loads for up to 11,000km with an optimal speed of 750km/hr. The plane is also capable of flying close to the earth"s and water surfaces by means of an air cushion at 160km/hr.

Until the end of 90s, the project's development been sponsored by the government. However, no new machines have been constructed in all these years.

Rumors have it that it was due to the lack of demand. In the meantime, the factory's overall financial situation is worsening. For the first time in its history, the factory had not produced any airplanes in 2002. Finally, the factory miraculously obtained a wealthy investor and customer from overseas.

This time however "the US military will acquire a top notch flying apparatus, which has no analogues in the world for a miserably low price. Russian pilots have nothing else to do but to bite their elbows.

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