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Wanted - New home for used WW2 German Uboat U534

The last Uboat to be sunk in WW2 is in need of a new home. Well it was as of last year. As the trust that cares for it went bankrupt a new site was needed for it to be shown to the public. Where is it now? The net is silent.


This is an interesting story. The U534 was raised from the sea because people thought it contained gold. Being the last uboat to leave Germany at the end of WW2, it was considered to be full of nazi gold.

It wasn't.


On the 3rd May 1945 approaching Allied Forces made it necessary to flee her homeland. She was the last U-boat to leave Germany.

She headed northwards together with 3 Type XXI U-boats when on 5th May they were given the order to surrender. Nollau, who at 26 was the oldest man onboard, decided he and the rest of his 51 crew were not going to surrender and they continued onward with brave determination.

The Type XXIs also continued on their way. Three Liberators from 86 Squadron were immediately dispatched from Tain, Scotland to intercept the errant U-boats. On finding their prey Liberator G for George targeted the surfaced U534 with depth charges.

The bombardier, Neville Baker, during the second low level attack ruptured the U-boat’s hull allowing seawater to pour in. Realising his boat was doomed Nollau gave the order to abandon her.

Forty-nine out of the 52 crew survived and were later picked up by German ships and taken as POWs. Nollau was amongst the survivors but tragically he committed suicide a couple of years later. The 3 type XXIs were quicker boats and they successfully crept away to Norway where later they too were captured.

On discovering the wreck over 40 years later, rumours began circulating that as U534 had been the last U-boat to leave Germany she possibly had Nazi leaders secretly hidden onboard.

At very least the boat was surely loaded up with gold or other precious cargo. A wealthy Danish publisher, Karsten Ree, decided to get involved with U534 and he mounted a project to raise the U-boat from the ocean depths.

Here are some more pictures

A news article on U534

germansub2.jpg - 41.04kb
By netchicken: posted on 22-4-2007

Accordng to This site This is an actual photo of the U534 under attack when she was bombed by the Liberators, that dropped depth charges set at 10 feet explosion depth.

The starboard rear, lower hull was cracked by the pressure of the explosion.

u534photo.jpg - 48.45kb
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More Uboat pictures
Some of the U534 (which they call something else) but many others of interesting Uboats on display around the world

By netchicken: posted on 22-4-2007

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