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Do the bees have a form of AIDS or cancer?

The panic over the disapearing bees is increasing, now research has found that they may have a form of Aids, or cancer, weakening their immune systems.

Genetic testing at Columbia University has revealed the presence of multiple micro-organisms in bees from hives or colonies that are in decline, suggesting that something is weakening their immune system.

The researchers have found some fungi in the affected bees that are found in humans whose immune systems have been suppressed by the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or cancer.

“That is extremely unusual,” Dr. Cox-Foster said.

Meanwhile, samples were sent to an Agriculture Department laboratory in North Carolina this month to screen for 117 chemicals. Particular suspicion falls on a pesticide that France banned out of concern that it may have been decimating bee colonies. Concern has also mounted among public officials.

“There are so many of our crops that require pollinators,” said Representative Dennis Cardoza, a California Democrat whose district includes that state’s central agricultural valley, and who presided last month at a Congressional hearing on the bee issue. “We need an urgent call to arms to try to ascertain what is really going on here with the bees, and bring as much science as we possibly can to bear on the problem.”

So far, colony collapse disorder has been found in 27 states, according to Bee Alert Technology Inc., a company monitoring the problem. A recent survey of 13 states by the Apiary Inspectors of America showed that 26 percent of beekeepers had lost half of their bee colonies between September and March.

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By netchicken: posted on 25-4-2007

How is it that Florida Georgia and Miss have the problem but not Alabama?

Maybe that is something to look at; what is the difference between the state surrounded by the problem but not with the problem (yet).
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 25-4-2007

I just heard the other morning that they are seriously looking at things like cell phones and Wi Fi as being the cause of all this. Lemme go find a link!
By Venus: posted on 26-4-2007

I'm guessing this is probably also mentioned in other links here but....

Now that I really think about all this...maybe its a form of terrorism...meant to wipe us out.:ufo
By Venus: posted on 26-4-2007

You saying we don't have cell phones in Alabama?

What's Wi-Fi?

By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 26-4-2007

Wireless in Alabama....who would have guessed. I am still amazed you guys have regular phones.:guy
By Venus: posted on 26-4-2007

Sorry Venus, it was a hoax, or bad reporting anyway :)
I think this is an example of the media distorting the information just to make a good story. The one about the new planet is another case, its 90% bs.

The bee story had an extra appeal for those people who use their cellphones rather tentatively because they think the privilege to speak on the move may be frying their brain cells one by one. So now, if the headlines are to be believed, we learn that our cellphone and those long calls from mom where she refuses every attempt to cut short the conversation not only are going to lead to our demise, they are killing millions of bees.

Good story for sure, except that the study in question had nothing to do with mobile phones and was actually investigating the influence of electromagnetic fields, especially those used by cordless phones that work on fixed-line networks, on the learning ability of bees. The small study, according to the researchers who carried it out too small for the results to be considered significant, found that the electromagnetic fields similar to those used by cordless phones may interrupt the innate ability of bees to find the way back to their hive.

Those searching for answers for the recent disappearance of millions of bees in the United States - what researchers are calling colony collapse disorder - jumped on the possible explanation though there was one particular, cellphones and cordless phones emit different types of radiation and what you learn studying one type is not necessarily significant to the other, according to the researchers.

"We cannot explain the CCD-phenomenon itself and want to keep from speculation in this case," Jochen Kuhn, a professor in the physics department at the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany who co-authored the bee study, wrote in an e-mail message. "Our studies cannot indicate that electromagnetic radiation is a cause of CCD."
By netchicken: posted on 26-4-2007

Yeah, and I hear a shipment of shoes is due in sometime next week.

Still, our bees are fine. Makes you wonder what we do differently.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 26-4-2007

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