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Boy expelled from school for being - asian and quiet

This is either a joke, or the world has gone mad.

... Quote:
My 16 year old, half Japanese brother, Joshua, was just expelled from high school in a small Arkansas town.

Apparently, someone took offense to a shirt he wore before the VT killings with "4 out of the 5 voices in my head tell me to go for it" on the front, and complained to the office about him being "asian and quiet". Exact words.

The school contacted the police, the police and principal called him to their office along with my mother to arrest him/interrogate him, and they let loose their most damning evidence: His myspace had anime killing of indiscriminate aliens. With lasers. (No idea what anime it is, I don't watch the poo poo).

My mother and he were completely baffled/shocked at what the hell was going on, so they were completely cooperative. He logged onto his myspace/email accounts to show them everything they wanted to see.

A serious into the interrogation was:

Detective: (To my mother) Why does Josh dye his hair black?
Mother: He doesn't.
Detective: That's not your hair color, yours is brown.
Mother: He's half Japanese...
Detective: So?
Mother: That's their natural hair color....
Detective: Oh.

The cops wanted to come to our house and search the place immediately, at least my mother had good sense enough not to let that happen. So they asked the school if it was pressing charges, the principal said they hadn't decided yet, and the detective was really trying to force the principal into it so he could get a search warrant.

Finally the principal said he had no choice but to expel him (way to cave in to pressure, pal), so they left, with the detective saying they'll "be out to our house soon".

I'm furiously deleting MP3s in the meantime, she's already trying to get ahold of the ACLU.


By netchicken: posted on 25-4-2007

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