Rocket attacks a Palestinian right, says Hamas leader

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Rocket attacks a Palestinian right, says Hamas leader

Just to make it clear for anyone who hasn't paid attention to the last sixty years of Middle East onsgoings, the whole reason Israel occupies any land other than that little piece the British finally said they could have (A pityful, incontigious piece in an huge sea of underpopulated land alloted to the Arabs) is because the Arabs attacked Israel upon her conception. Two other times Israel was attacked for no other reason but being the Jewish Homeland. Each time Israel successfully defended herself from the attempts at genocide. The "occupation" of the West Bank and Golan Heights are the only places left where the IDF remains in order to insure the barbarians at the gates do not have better opportunities to kill innocent Israelis.
If anyone doesn't understand what the end goal is for the Arabs, just look at what the Arab Palestinians are using Gaza for since Israel removed all Jewish presence, including those long dead and buried, and gave it to the PA. Nothing but a rain of rockets since, not to mention dead and kidnapped soldiers.

Now, in light of this, Hamas' Damascus-based political chief Khaled Meshal reiterated his group's hardline stance towards Israel, insisting Saturday on the Palestinians' right to wage 'legitimate resistance.'
This is clearly a load of crap and any sane human knows this. Still, you'll not hear one peep from the so-called civilized world unless it is to demand some kind of concession be given to these people. They have learned that if they continue senseless violence directed toward the Jewish population they will eventually be rewarded. As a matter of fact, they have to give up nothing in return except maybe make hollow promises of stopping the violence. Of course, they don't. They step up the violence until Israel responds militarily at which time the murderers play as if THEY are the victim. Sounds crazy? It's been working!

... Quote:
Meshal, in comments after talks between Egyptian and Palestinian leaders in Cairo on Saturday, said that 'firing rockets (at Israeli territory) is the right of the Palestinian people, and a matter of legitimate resistance against the occupier.'
Meshal, during a joint press conference with Arab League chief Amr Moussa, urged Arab countries and the international community to take immediate steps to lift the economic embargo or else the situation in the Palestinian territories 'will explode.'

By the way, notice how Meshal demands that the Arab nations place pressure on the "civilized" world to end the economic sanctions against Hamas. See, Hamas refuses to end the violence and it refuses to recognize Israel's right to exist. See, to Hamas, The "occupation" includes any piece of land Israel has, even if it is the size of a postage stamp. The economic sanctions were put in place to force Hamas into renouncing its hardline position but they refuse, and they want international money to finance their terror and murder.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 29-4-2007

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