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War reporting journalism vrs propaganda

Here is an interesting comment on the reporting of war in Iraq.

The blogger shows a post from 1918 describing a breakthrough in the German lines by allied forces. The quoted article describes the background to the event, and the consequences of it.

Then she quotes an article from the war in Iraq which focused more on the events at the time, the "here and now".

Extrapolating from these two articles she draws the conclusion that reporting now doesn't provide objective background information, except from bloggers who are on the ground.

Read her blog Here

My conclusion? Rubbish.

In her blog she is setting up a straw-man argument cherry picking the ideas she wants to promote, ignoring those that don't fit her objective. Her post itself then becomes an exercise in bias disguised as objectivity.

Biased war news reporting has existed as long as war news has ever been reported, and news reporting in WW1 would have been just as partisan as now.

However now there are not just a few people reporting the war, but thousands, from reporters, combatants, observers, civilians, etc. Every conflict receives more coverage than anything from WW1. never in history have people been able to read, watch, listen to, experience so much from war conflict.

So who now are the victims of biased reporting? Those with limited avenues of information input. Those in societies where the media is overtly controlled, when western media freedoms are expressed in languages, such as English, they don't understand.

Read her links to what she considers good reporting, but be thankful that we have the ability to mine such rich sources of news in our society. Its the best of all worlds when it comes to war reporting more than any time ever in history.

Her links to good sites
By netchicken: posted on 30-4-2007

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