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internet dialup access only

Hi there people sorry about not being on for so long as I'm living in the states and the wife's computer only has dial up. OK here's my question does anyone know how to speed up downloading with dial up it is so frustrating to sit in front of a computer to waiting for the download to finish Ok that's my rant for the rime

By The Duke: posted on 2-5-2007

I think you're stuck when you use dialup.

The only way to really speed it up is to "prefetch" pages, so when you are reading this thread the browser is getting the next thread you are going to read.

I did this by using tabs on Opera, now IE7 and firefox also have them.

Load the first page you want to read, then when that appears, load about 3 or 4 others on background tabs. When you have finished reading the first page the others will have downloaded.

There are ways to optimise dialup in the settings, but that was a few years back and I wonder if new browsers are not already configured for optimum speed.

Otherwise you are stuck :)

I might make a low speed version of the site that you can use without any graphics to download.

You can set your browser (well in opera you can anyway) to cache the images or turn them off, that will make it faster. Also if you block the adverts from loading as well.

But first you need the most recent browsers to use.
By netchicken: posted on 2-5-2007

Hi there I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack and with DSL finally found a good place that has cheap setup and no price for modem. Now another question how easy is it to setup wireless router for two computers

Thanks in advance for the help


:sh :f :yak
By The Duke: posted on 27-5-2007

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