Just what would happen if America pulled out of Iraq?

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Just what would happen if America pulled out of Iraq?

Here is a really good article on the outcome of an America pullout.

The Sunni who only make up 5 to 10% of the population will immediatly get wiped out.

The Shiite will have a civil war between the Iran backed religious side and the ones who want democracy.

This assumes that Iran just doesn't invade straight off.

Here is a good quote..

... Quote:
Meanwhile, opponents of the Iraqi operations back in the United States are getting nervous about the success of the security operations in Baghdad and its suburbs.

The fact that nearly all the Sunni Arab tribes have joined the government is seen as a political disaster by many U.S. politicians who have declared Iraq a failed venture for the United States.

It's a bizarre situation, and long has been. You only have to visit web sites frequented by Iraqis or American troops, to see that what is reported in most of the media about Iraq is invented, or distorted beyond all reason into an alternate reality.

Read it here http://www.strategypage.com...
By netchicken: posted on 3-5-2007

It seems apparent that the author believes that all terror comes from the Sunnis, which is not the case. Iran is making it a point of meddling in the onsgoings of the Iraq situation, including terrorist training and weapons supplying (the IED's are no longer "improvised" but are production quality and strength, thanks to Iran).
Iran is Shiite.
We leave and there is going to be an huge imbalance in the Mid-East.

We are now wrestling with a pig, as the old saying goes.
Everyone gets muddy but the pig enjoys it.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 3-5-2007

We are not going to leave.

U.S. Embassy: A Lavish American Palace

Against the Iraq backdrop of violence and misery, soaring unemployment and middle class flight, malnutrition and unprecedented illness for Iraqis... rises an American embassy-palace the likes of which the world has never before seen, and four plush, seemingly-permanent bases for US armed forces.

Here is info published by the world's leading news media sources about the new US Embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone. It is/has...

-- the largest embassy in world history
-- the only building project in Iraq on-time and on-budget
-- a bomb-proof super-bunker with a 15-ft thick perimeter wall
-- 21 buildings on 104 acres, the size of 80 football fields
-- wired for state-of-the-art communications and surveillance
-- "extraordinary" security measures
-- Congress was told that the cost is $592 million
-- impressive residences for the Ambassador and his deputy, and six posh apartments for senior officials
-- a water-treatment plant and power generator (to provide basic services not yet restored to pre-invasion levels for Iraqis)
-- two huge blocks of offices for 8,000 US staff workers
-- the biggest swimming pool in Iraq
-- a well-equipped gym
-- tennis courts
-- movie theater
-- restaurants serving US food chain favorites
-- a "swish" American Club for evening social functions

One of four US superbases is at Balad, which, per Newsweek, is nicknamed "Mortaritaville" and has a price tab of $231 million. Superbases now house up to 55,000 soldiers, and the President has asked for $175 million to enlarge the Al Asad air base, Balad, Camp Taji and Tallil air base.

Newsweek reports that the 15-square-mile Balad base resembles a "warrior's country club," and includes:

-- a state-of-the-art rec hall
-- its own bus system
-- a 24/7 cybercafe
-- supermarkets
-- a premium coffee house, Greenbeans, which is "known as the soldier's Starbucks"
-- a pizza restaurant
-- an indoor mini-golf course
-- a movie theater

Newsweek writes, "There is an outdoor and indoor pool left over from Uday Hussein's days training Iraqi Olympians here, but few remaining signs of the Hussein family, or indeed of anything Iraqi at all: to get to the big pool, you head down Texas Avenue, around Victory Loop past David Letterman Boulevard and then down Balad's main drag, called Pennsylvania Avenue."


By TUTUTKAMEN: posted on 7-5-2007

See, in my jaded view of my government, that means nothing.

The dolts in charge of my government havce proven time and again that they will spend obscene amounts of money on things that are not needed, inadequate, obsolete or are going to be closed a year later.
Judging whether or not we stay by how much money is spent is ignoring the other assertion made by liberals; the war is a money-making scheme for Bush and Co.
Actually, it isn't only liberals who believe the Iraqi situation has made a lot of money for certain corporations.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 8-5-2007

David Letterman Boulevard???
... Quote:
David Letterman Boulevard

Whats next Pamela Anderson traffic bumps?
By netchicken: posted on 8-5-2007

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