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According to scientists people can see the future

This is really interesting, scientists are studying if people can predict the future. The information on the 9/11 attacks is suprising, but I wonder if its really out of the ordinary or if such "precogniton" is in reality just every day coincidences that are not picked up because no special event happens to investigate it.

Personally I can believe it. But I think that the future is not a concrete reality but possibilities, with some being more "solid" than others. So some things WILL happen, but others MAY happen. Such as this will happen is this path is followed.

Professor Brian Josephson, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist from Cambridge University, says: 'So far, the evidence seems compelling. What seems to be happening is that information is coming from the future.

'In fact, it's not clear in physics why you can't see the future. In physics, you certainly cannot completely rule out this effect.' Virtually all the great scientific formulae which explain how the world works allow information to flow backwards and forwards through time - they can work either way, regardless.

SHORTLY after 9/11, strange stories began circulating about the lucky few who had escaped the outrage. It transpired that many of the survivors had changed their plans at the last minute after vague feelings of unease.

It was a subtle, gnawing feeling that 'something' was not right. Nobody vocalised it but shortly before the attacks, people started altering their plans out of an unspoken instinct.

One woman suffered crippling stomach pain while queuing for one of the ill-fated planes which flew into the World Trade Center. She made her way to the lavatory only to recover spontaneously. She missed her flight but survived the day. Amid the collective outpouring of grief and horror it was easy to overlook such stories or write them off as coincidences. But in fact, these kind of stories point to an interesting and deeper truth for those willing to look.

If, for example, fewer people decided to fly on aircraft that subsequently crashed, then that would suggest a subconscious ability to divine the future.

Well, strange as it seems, that's just what happens.

THE aircraft which flew into the Twin Towers on 9/11 were unusually empty.

All the hijacked planes were carrying only half the usual number of passengers. Perhaps one unusually empty plane could be explained away, but all four?

And it wasn't just on 9/11 that people subconsciously seemed to avoid disaster. The scientist Ed Cox found that trains 'destined' to crash carried far fewer people than they did normally.

Dr Jessica Utts, a statistician at the University of California, found exactly the same bizarre effect.

If it was possible to divine the future, you might expect those at the sharp end, such as pilots, to have the most finely tuned instincts of all. And again, that's just what you see.

When the Air France Concorde crashed in 2000, it wasn't long before the colleagues of those killed in the crash spoke about a sense of foreboding that had gripped the crew and flight engineers before the accident.

Speaking anonymously to the French newspaper Le Parisien, one spoke of a 'morbid expectation of an accident'.

'I had this sense that we were going to bump into the scenery,' he said.

'The atmosphere on the Concorde team for the last few months, if one has the guts to admit it, had been one of morbid expectation of an accident.

It was as if I was waiting for something to happen.' All of these stories suggest that we can pick up premonitions of events that are yet to be.

Although these premonitions are not in glorious Technicolor, they are often emotionally powerful enough for us to act upon them.

In technical parlance it is known as 'presentiment' because emotional feelings are being received from the future, not hard facts or information.

The military has long been fascinated by such phenomena. For many years the U.S. military (and latterly the CIA) funded a secretive programme known as Stargate, which set out to investigate premonitions and the ability of mediums to predict the future.

Dr Dean Radin worked on the Stargate programme and became fascinated by the ability of 'lucky' soldiers to forecast the future.

These are the ones who survived battles against seemingly impossible odds.

Radin became convinced that thoughts and feelings - and occasionally-actual glimpses of the future - could flow backwards in time to guide soldiers. It helped them make lifesaving decisions, often on the basis of a hunch.

He devised an experiment to test these ideas. He hooked up volunteers to a modified lie detector, which measured an electrical current across the surface of the skin.

This current changes when a person reacts to an event such as seeing an extremely violent picture or video. It's the electrical equivalent of a wince. Radin showed sexually explicit, violent or soothing images to volunteers in a random sequence determined by computer.

And he soon discovered that people began reacting to the pictures before they saw them. It was unmistakable.

They began to 'wince' a few seconds before they actually saw the image.

And it happened time and time again, way beyond what chance alone would allow.

So impressive were Radin's results that Dr Kary Mullis, a Nobel Prizewinning chemist, took an interest.

He was hooked up to Radin's machine and shown the emotionally charged images.

'It's spooky,' he says 'I could see about three seconds into the future.

Much more on the site
By netchicken: posted on 14-5-2007

Very interesting indeed. Actually, you can calculate the energy of a particle a few seconds into the futures with more than 90% probability that it will be right. Beyond that the probability of it being right decrease dramatically. Probably our brain also "calculates" the immediate future to some degree subconsciously.

Also if we really do have a subconscious ability to sense the immediate future shouldn't everybody have the same ability and sense ? Or do some people show more 'precognition' than others ??

It would be very interesting if they could find out how it worked, then they could possibly duplicate it artificially using a computer and improve upon it maybe.
By IAF: posted on 14-5-2007

Personally I know this to be true; when I was about twelve years old I was a passenger
On a motorbike driven by my dad. My dad asked me if I wanted to go for a ride to see my
Brother, I then had this terrible uneasiness about it and felt reluctant to go but somehow
Got convinced to by my father. All was fine it seemed until we headed down midway road
And ironically enough about midway down the world around me suddenly went into slow
Motion. At that moment I knew I was going to be in a accident, I proceeded to look to my
Left and a car coming up from behind us on the left lane just entered my vision, I instantly
Knew this car was to be the cause of the accident still impending.
Funny enough I wasnít scared in this altered state nor was I happy, in fact I felt quit calm and
Emotionless. So still being in a state of slow-motion I watched calmly as the car left my vision
disappearing behind my father. Then no sooner than I lost sight of it I heard the sound of the
motorbike ripping down in gears albeit in slow motion cause even sounds sound like there
Slowed down.
And by the force of a sudden deceleration process provided by a car who pulled up in
Front of us, I then proceeded to exit the vehicle up and over the top of my dad.
Now up till this point it seemed like it took about 15 seconds in my time reference, But Iím
Sure it was mere seconds for others. Now I was then treated to a spectacular glass show
Provided by my dad hitting the rear car window which enables me to grasp how slow the
World around me was unfolding. I literally could see thousands of pieces emanating from the
Source spreading out and coming towards me, so precise the detail I could see the individual
Pieces of glass rotating. Truly an awe inspiring moment to view, that is if I wasnít so calm and
Accepting of fate as it were.
So despite this day being so vivid in memory to me, and the fact I was told that the slow motion I
experienced was something that happens a lot to people. Also I was told the slow motion
experience was caused by your own mind speeding up and while you think you still internally feel
normal the outside world seems to slow down. To me this sounds plausible, if thatís the true cause of it
Remains to be seen. But what no one could explain was how did I know that I knew I was about to be
In an accident despite the fact the car involved was behind us at the moment I realised it. So how
Did I go in that altered state when danger physically wouldnít be apparent at that time?
By Shan: posted on 14-5-2007

Gosh Shan....hope your dad made it out ok! :(

I get "womens intuition" all the time. I'm always getting weird vibes or thinking somethings going to happen. Usually it doesn't. I wonder if they have conducted a study about that.
By Venus: posted on 15-5-2007

Shan thats a great post. Were you and your dad OK after the accident?

I have had times when I have been 'shown' a future and told that if this path continues this will be the outcome. It seems to me that there are multiple possible futures, that some things are concreted into the future, but others are not.

In that way you have 'free will' as well as 'fate'.
By netchicken: posted on 15-5-2007

Venus and netty, both me and my dad came out fine. I only had a little scrape on my elbow, which
Coincidently only about a year and a half ago started getting itchy and low and behold a fragment of
Glass came out after all those years.O and a little tinnie weenie chunk of flesh from my back.
My dad a little worse, he got fairly good cuts to his wrist no doubt from the back window.

Another fact that stumps me is after the glass part everything went black but I was still
Conscious inside but obviously felt nothing; well I must have been unconscious because I didnít
Feel it when I hit the ground or aware of anything external but my mind was still their just
Seeing black for about 3 to 5 seconds.

Then I instantly came too, walking off the road and I mean it was black and suddenly I was walking.
Holding my lower back with one hand and my chest with the other as I suddenly felt slightly
Winded. So how did I get up being unconscious and knowing to take the closest curb to get
Of the road?

Venus I think Womenís intuition (Maybe just a heighten version of mans gut instinct) is the first
Line of defence to protect you or those close to you.

I often get gut instincts that seem to be of no consequence but donít doubt it for one second.
You never know, if the actions you took after you got a womenís intuition, you could have change the
facts by acting or doing something you otherwise would not have, thus it would appear that
Nothing happened.

Or the gut instinct/Womenís intuition could be giving warning of the probability of that event occurring,
and not necessarily that it will. I donít really know other than donít ignore it regardless.

Also what that instinct is good for is letting you know what a person is like.
Iím pretty spot on when I first meet someone to what there like.
And usually itís a gut instinct before I converse with them.
By Shan: posted on 15-5-2007

Netty I think you are right in that aspect, for why get a glimpse of the future or just a gut feeling
Of something happening if the future it locked. Itís there to help you if you choose to use it
But sometimes I think you are left to fate no matter what.

Iím very interested to what things you have personally experienced, that is if you feel inclined
To tell.

Iíve had another somewhat more disturbing experience and somewhat maybe foretelling my
Cause of death.

One day I was out doing the yard with a smoke in my mouth; it was there for some time.
I went to remove it and it was stuck to me lower lip, ripping a layer of skin off of it.
Well four weeks later and it didnít heal up and looked kind of like white dry skin.

I went to my doctor and explained to him what happened and he said nothing to worry about
Itís just scaring, so I left it at that.

About three months later I had the most terrible dream I ever had, I was at my backyard and
I was at the left hand side of the back of the house looking towards the back fence.
There I saw a garden taking up one quarter of my yard; it had a fence around it exactly like
You see on farms (steal post with wire running through them).there was a row of tall plants
Lined up on the other side of the fence obstructing my view to the rest.
Then my misses came out the back and I turned to her and said crying and sobbing ďIím dying
Of cancerĒ then I woke up.

Now this scare the shit out of me for days, and I donít get my dreams confused with reality, but
This felt so real. I didnít have or ever done a garden so I thought it was just a stupid dream.
So eventually I totally forgot about the dream and about five to six months down the track my
Other half came home with a pallet of spring onions which have barley seeded. I thought great
Letís do a vegetable garden and buy other vegetables, so we did. I dug up the yard and planted corn,
Tomatoes, pumpkin, lettuces, broccoli, cucumbers, chillies, spring onions and potatoes.

I was proud of my achievements; it was the first time I did a vegetable garden. You see I had a
Rottie back then so I had to protect my garden, so I got wooden stakes and chicken wire to
Make a fence.
About a month further on my dad surprised me with some goodies, from the farm he was
Working on he got the old fencing they recently took down and some sprinklers for me.
Now you may have guessed it already, it was the type of fencing in my dream but by this time
I had totally forgotten about it. He helped me put up my new fence and installed the sprinklers.

So about two months on, I came out early to water my garden. I went out the back door went
To the left of the house were the taps were and proceeded to turn them on.
The moment I turned around I felt my life slip away from me I was literally facing what I saw
In my dream, and I mean literally.

So to cut things short I went to the doctor again and said straight out I want to see a skin specialist,
He didnít question me why he just did it and it turned out it was cancer and got it removed.
Luckily it wasnít a bad type and they believed it was localised, so I donít know if the future is possible
To see for sure but Iím inclined to what Iíve experienced to think you can.
By Shan: posted on 15-5-2007

You gave me goosebumps :o
By Venus: posted on 16-5-2007

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