GeneralDynamics develop robotic Stryker

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GeneralDynamics develop robotic Stryker

Interesting concept that by the turn of the century there will be no humans on the battle field. Starting to sound like Logan's Run.


The eight-wheeled Stryker has already seen service in Iraq as an armored troop carrier with human drivers. The idea is to teach Stryker to accomplish a mission on its own, as a robot. By 2010, robotic Strykers and similar contrivances are slated to be in use as all- purpose battlefield vehicles, surveying battlegrounds, sniffing for land mines, or transporting supplies and troops to the front line.

An unmanned Stryker is part of the military's effort to move more machines into battle to save both money and lives. "Well before the end of the century, there will be no people on the battlefield," said Robert Finkelstein, a professor at the University of Maryland's School of Management and Technology.

The first unmanned military vehicles made in the early 1980s by the Defense Department were huge vans the size of UPS delivery trucks, filled with hundreds of pounds of clunky computers that could barely navigate at 5 miles an hour in relatively flat terrain. By comparison, Stryker can navigate through forests and desert environments, or drive on the road at top speeds of 60 miles an hour.

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