U.S. F-16s unleash \"shock and awe\" on New Jersey

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U.S. F-16s unleash "shock and awe" on New Jersey

F16's dropping flares during a military exercise, set fire to 12000 acres and have to evacuate 2000 homes.

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The fire, fueled by dry conditions and gusty winds, has already consumed more than 12,000 acres, almost 19 square miles, along the border of Ocean and Burlington counties. Several highways were closed and as many as 2,000 homes in Stafford and Barnegat townships, including several retirement communities, had been evacuated.

The military are paying out people who lose their homes - JUST LIKE THEY DID IN THE GULF WAR!

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Some comments on the article

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I am so tired of these New Jersey extremists that hate our way of life. We need to occupy New Jersey and turn it into a resort for our people. Build casinos and hotels and run the locals out of their homes.
Posted by: dave at May 16, 2007 1:43 PM

I agree,we must get tough with New Jersey,or other rogue states such as Rhode Island,New York,etc will join them,we could also setup a detention center like Guantanamo Bay,but it could be in Nova Scotia,these people must understand were not messing around.
Posted by: mikextx at May 16, 2007 1:47 PM
By netchicken: posted on 17-5-2007

I think NJ already has Casinos! And who the hell are these people ? The military ?
I was in NJcity when the fire was at its max. There wasnt any great panic or such but there was considerable loss of property and I guess these residents that lost their belongings would have a right to carp about their losses. But I guess as Summer beings, there are going to be more such forest fires around the country.
By IAF: posted on 22-5-2007

Oh come ON!

Are we to say we've never made an oopsie before?

Who among us haven't burned a county or two to the ground on accident?

He who is without a criminal record cast the first stone.

By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 23-5-2007

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