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Michael Moore gives his most abusive critic $12000

anonymously to pay for his sick wife's medical expenses.

But the guy is so twisted that when he find out where the anonymous check came from, having spent time and effort to trace it back, he abuses Moore even more. Makes Keneflick look like a very small man indeed.

It just goes to show how peoples judgement can become so unbalanced that everything is viewed through blinkers of hate, that there is no place in some peoples views for the humanity in others.

If he really had principles then he wouldn't take the money. As it is he does and then gives Moore more abuse for the anonymous gift. No good deed goes unpunished.

... Quote:
“After I posted about finding the plan and what the cost was, someone emailed me and asked if an ‘anonymous’ benefactor could offer to pay my first year’s premiums $12,000.

I was skeptical of course, but since I’m not an idiot, I accepted,” wrote Kenefick. “$12,000 was like manna from heaven at that time. As you all may remember, I was being bled dry by the scumbag that used to host the server on which this site resides. My business was almost dead, my wife was very, very ill and I was racking up a few little health problems of my own. That money made it possible for us to begin to turn our lives around.”

But who and where did the check come from?

... Quote:
When the check arrived, I was overly cautious. I tracked the company that issued the check, the bank it was drawn on…I found a hotline you could call to check the status of drafts issued by this third-party company, and the number on the check (actually more like a money order) checked out.

I even went so far as to see where the branches of the issuing bank might be physically located, and there are like five of them within walking distance of Moore’s home and office in New York City.

The NY Daily News has confirmed that the check was indeed from Kenefick’s nemesis, Michael Moore. A man that Kenefick had attacked for years on end.

... Quote:
I knew he was using me,” Kenefick now writes on his blog in an effort to beat Moore to the punch. “I knew he would try to turn this to his advantage some day. That day may be upon us. I was just warned by someone in the know that Moore is about to drop the hammer on me.”

Well guess what, Moore isn’t commenting on the matter. And I hope it stays that way. I tend to believe that Mike is a good guy, who has helped a lot of people with his films. Does he have an agenda? Who doesn’t. Kenefick certainly does:

... Quote:
If it was you, Mikey…your $12,000 doesn’t buy my silence. It won’t buy my affection, nor will I shy away from talking about whatever may or may not be in your new film. I’ll still be the same guy, expressing my opinion and trying his best to research facts you tend to skip over or ignore.

All you bought for your money - if it was yours - was the peace of mind of knowing you actually helped someone who needed it.



NYdaily times

By netchicken: posted on 20-5-2007

I don't think it makes him look like a small man....it makes Michael Moore look like a very afraid lump of liberal scum. There is no doubt that if the money came from him he knew exactly what the consequences would be. He was most definately trying to ultimately shut the guy up.
By Venus: posted on 21-5-2007

Venus, it was anonymous, totally, Kenefick had to search to find out who sent it.

Here is a post from Keneflicks own site, where he is hurredly trying to climb out of the hole he has found himself in. He claims he didn't investigate the source of the funds, but that flies against his earlier quote above, wher ehe even checked out the branches.

This guy showed his true lack of humanity and now that the heat is on is trying to backtrack and change his story. Read the quote above and then this quote below. the two are different.

It still shows that he activley searched out the donor.
... Quote:
On May 6, the offer was clarified after I mentioned that my premiums were around $1,000 per month. TOTAL DISCLOSURE TIME: My premiums were actually only $937.75. I sent my address, even though I thought it had to be something weird. Again; you never know.

7. A check-like document arrived about a month later. HERE’S THE PART MANY PEOPLE KEEP SCREWING UP: I did NOT try to investigate the source of the funds. I INVESTIGATED THE DOCUMENT TO MAKE SURE IT WAS REAL. It wasn’t a check. It was from some company that offers what seemed to be corporate money orders. I was, of course, afraid it was some kind of check scam and that I would end up in trouble somehow. I happened to notice that the bank that guaranteed the funds had a lot of locations around Moore’s home and office when I did a search on the name of the issuing bank. After all, Google offers a maps link when you do searches on businesses, and who doesn’t click on those? I do all the time.

8. I opened a second account with a full explanation to my bank of where this check/money order came from, and my account supervisor and I monitored the check/money order until the bank was satisfied it was real and had cleared. Again...here’s where a lot of people keep getting things wrong: AT THIS TIME I ONLY SUSPECTED IT COULD BE MOORE. I also had two other names that were a possibility (no, those names aren’t anyone’s business). I suspected it could be Moore A) because of Sicko’s subject matter and B) the locations of the bank and company that issued the document, WHICH POPPED UP IN THE GOOGLE SEARCH OF THE NAME OF THE BANK!
By netchicken: posted on 21-5-2007

Oh please don't tell me that you think Moore did this all out of kindness!!!! He would need to have a heart....:)

He may have sent it anonymously but there is no way he would have kept it that way. Gimme a break
By Venus: posted on 23-5-2007

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