Americas Cup the worlds third biggest sporting event is on

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Americas Cup the worlds third biggest sporting event is on

Never heard of it? Its worth 14 billion dollars. Each boat is worth easily over 100 million dollars.

At the moment in Valencia, Spain, the challengers for the Americas Cup are fighting it out for the right to battle the Swiss team Alinghi who hold the cup.

The challangers have to fight it out among themselves first for the right to face Alinghi, in their own race series.

There is big money floating around out there, from the 11 challengers only 4 remain. Each boat is around $100 million to build and run and a challange takes about 4 years to organize. BMW Oracle (America and Germany) cost around US $150 million alone.

The semi finals on now pit New Zealand against Spain, and America against Italy in a series of 9 races. The winners of those 2 races will race each other and the ultimate winner faces Alinghi for the Americas Cup.

Its exciting at the moment as Luna Rossa (Italy) has just beaten BMW Oracle (America and Germany) 5-0.

Of the 9 races, the first to win 5 wins the series (pretty obvious as the other team can only win 4). So Luna Rossa goes on to race the winner of Emirites New Zealand (4) vrs Desafío Español (Spain) (2).

That Spain, has won 2 races against Emirates NZ is scary, as Spain was considered the weakest of the 4 teams and Emirates NZ the strongest.

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By netchicken: posted on 21-5-2007

The final of the challangers series of races has begun, Team New Zealand against Italy's Luna Rossa.

So far NZ is 2 nill up out of a best of 9 races. Its great to watch, the entire race seems to depend on the tactics used before the race begins as the boats try to get the best position at the start line.

As a result there is a duel of sorts behind the line with the yachts wheeling and turning around each other trying to get the most favored place, which is upwind of the competitor.

Oracle, the Larry Ellison boat that was beaten by Luna Rossa in the last race series, cost Ellison over $200 million dollars to finance. (I think thats over the 2 competitions 2006 and 2002, surely its not just for this competition.)

Yesterday it was a nail-biter - today it was bath. Team New Zealand completely overwhelmed Luna Rossa in the second race of the Louis Vuitton Cup final in Valencia this morning.

Team New Zealand would never be bold (or silly) enough to admit it, but they gave the Italian syndicate a sailing lesson.

Dean Barker dominated the race leading at every mark as the Kiwi skipper did yesterday.

The final margin was a crushing 40 seconds.

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By netchicken: posted on 3-6-2007

Three nill to the Kiwis!

Luna Rossa are really up against it now, to win they would have to win the next 5 races and only lose one.

But wining this only means that Team New Zealand has the right to challange Alinghi for the Americas Cup.

So really there is a lot of work ahead before the 14 billion dollars worth of income comes to New Zealand.

There is debate over the usefulness of the the challengers series, that is running now, for the team that will come up against Alinghi in the races for the Cup.

On one hand the challanger has had many races to refine and test their boat, and tactics, and practice their skills in beating the others. However in doing so they have revealed their boats abilities, and their tactical strengths to Alinghi. This cuts both ways, as they are not honed by the weeks of racing that the challenger has had.

Meanwhile the cup holders have not shown their hand at all, their boat, and their abilties are untested in racing. They know all about their competition, but the competition know nothing about Alinghi.

Comment on the situation at present

Comment on the last race. When 100's of millions of dollars are tied up in each boat, losing is a brutal occurance. The Italian team are really in trouble.
... Quote:
For the third day on the trot Dean Barker handed the Luna Rossa helmsman a sailing lesson.

Before Team New Zealand rounded the second mark the Italian press walked out of the media centre in disgust.

They were unable to watch the carnage on the water. The final margin was 1min38s.

Team New Zealand led by a whopping 39 seconds at the first mark and added a further 26 at the halfway point.

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By netchicken: posted on 5-6-2007

Four nill!!

Team NZ win again with the Italains unable to keep up with the TeamnNZ boat.

Team NZ seems to have a faster boat, which is great for this series of races, but Alinghi, who they will race next, will have an excellent boat as well.

This means that TeamNZ needs to win on tactics, and not rely on boat speed. The last couple of races saw Luna Rossa win the starts, but lose in the race, hopefully Teamnz have what it takes against the Swiss to win the battle of the mind.

The last race is on tonight. If TeamNZ win, then they have won the right to challange Alinghi, then the excitement will really be on.
By netchicken: posted on 6-6-2007

We won!

TeamNZ beat Luna Rossa again, making 5 in a row and won the right to face Alinghi for the Amerias Cup.

However that does not mean that when it meets with Alinghi it will easily win. Again in the race TeamnNZ won because they had the faster boat, not because of better tactics, as the lost the start again. That edge may well be missing from the next race series with Alinghi, who four years ago easily beat TeamNZ.

In 16 days the real racing begins.
By netchicken: posted on 7-6-2007

As the time for the main challanger race counts down, a little over 2 weeks from now, debate rages over new tricks that the teams might have under their belt.

The cost of this race becomes apparent in the following area with the sails.

Each team were permitted to use 45 sails in the Louis Vuitton Cup - a new regatta rule to restrict expenses. Sails cost more than $100,000 each. The challenger for the cup is now allowed to add 15 more to their collection bringing their arsenal to 60.

Fallow confirms they used slightly less than 45 in the LVC. The attrition rate, in the light air, was modest.

So in a few days about 20 new sails will arrive at their base to be used against Alinghi.

New sails enhance performance. Against the Swiss they will need every inch they can get.
By netchicken: posted on 10-6-2007

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