rockets launched into Israel as Hamas leaders hide

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rockets launched into Israel as Hamas leaders hide

Israeli leadership has finally had enough. Either because it is beginning to understand that the idiots in Gaza are not going to stop or because the people of Sderot and the surrounding communities are putting intense political pressure on them, but for whatever the reason, the Israeli government is finally responding to the continued attack by the Palestinian nutjobs in Gaza.

Shortly after PM Sharon handed over Gaza to the Arab Palestinians and removed all Jewish people, both living as well as the remains of the dead, the Arab Palestinians began showing their appreciation by attacking Israel from Gaza. Sderot has been carrying the greatest portion of the burden, but with advances in Qassam rocket capablity, even Be'er Sheva will not be out of range for the terrorists. Gaza, a strip of land between Egypt and Israel, has become a sancuary for al-Qaeda members as well as a place where Hezbollah trainers teach Hamas terrorists in the finer arts of murdering civilians.

One of the rockets that were launched into the area of Sderot yesterday struck a car being driven by Shirel Friedman, a 32 year old woman. A civilian. She was near a mall when the rocket struck. Ms. Friedman died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Israeli forces have struck back with artillery fire as well as missiles from Apache helicopters. Israel has made it clear that Hamas political leaders as well as military leaders and rocket launching squads are targeted. In response, Hamas leaders make threats of destructive retaliation for Israeli attacks, as they run in hiding.

The U.S. continue to state that Israel is well within its rights to respond to the non-stop rocket attacks against the Israeli civilian population but remind Israel to keep the military response aimed at legitimate targets and minimize civilian casualties.
To date, no international agency or country has been reported to have told the Palestinian Arabs to do the same.,2933,274155,00.html,7340,L-3403094,00.html
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 22-5-2007

I think that part of the Palestinian attacks are to draw Isral into the 'civil war' there at present. If Israel intevenes too strongly then the Palestinians can unite to drive them out.

As it is the attacks on Hamas alone only make Fatah apear as israeli 'stooges' and serve to alienate them even more from the local population.

Looks like Hamas are trying to stir up all the trouble they can.


Palestinian radical groups warn Israeli locations north of Sderot, including Ashkelon, to prepare for missile attacks. Hamas activates West Bank cells for suicide operations

The warning to Ashkelon and points north of Gaza came from Jihad Islami and Popular Resistance Groups as well as Hamas.

DEBKAfile also reports: Hamas military chief Mohammed Jabari has instructed all West Bank cells to launch suicide attacks in Israeli towns forthwith.

Sniper teams are directed to target roads on West Bank as well as Jerusalem and the Sharon district. The order advises the cells to do the best they can.

Israeli army, police and security services have raised their level of preparedness to maximum along the West Bank border as Israelis get ready for the Shavuot festival Tuesday night and Wednesday.

This directive was the outcome of a war conference held by Jabari and his top commanders, including his spiritual guide, Halil al Haya, who escaped an Israeli air attack Sunday night, former Palestinian interior minister Said Siyam, and Nizhar Riyan. They also decided to escalate and extend the radius of their missile offensive against southern Israel. Their upgraded Qassam (al Quds) missiles can reach as far as 19km and target towns like the strategic Ashkelon and the outskirts of Netivot and Ofakim.

One such missile reached its furthest point yet Monday, landing at Moshav Shokeda outside Netivot, 17 km from the Gaza Strip.

Hamas spokesmen went on the air Monday night calling out their adherents to cross all red lines and hit Israeli targets. After an Israeli air raid destroyed a Jihad Islami four-man missile team in Jebalya, northern Gaza, Monday afternoon, a five-missile salvo was spread out to hit Sderot and also the outlying villages of Gevim, Shuva, Alumim, Sde Elihahu and Beeri.

The Sderot missile struck a car and killed a woman, the first fatality of the seven-day Hamas offensive.
By netchicken: posted on 23-5-2007

Two rockets are launched by Palestinian militants from the northern Gaza Strip in the direction of Israel Tuesday, May 22, 2007.

Seven rockets were fired towards Israel on Tuesday, lightly wounding two people, the army said. Israel responded with four airstrikes, targeting two suspected arms caches and two Hamas bases. Palestinian officials said seven people were wounded

palestinain-rocket-fire.jpg - 21.04kb
By netchicken: posted on 23-5-2007

I agree; I think Hamas is doing just that - trying to lure the IDF across the border and into Gaza so as to reunite the Arab Palestinians.

The world is being real quiet, they aren't demanding civil behavior from the Arab Palestinians. They had better be just as quiet when Israel reaches over and causes intense pain for the Arab Palestinians.

You name me one European country that would take a continuous military assault against its citizens as Israel has. Even France, now equipped with a non-neutered leader, wouldn't tolerate that!
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 23-5-2007

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