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Amazing - Giant holes or caves found on Mars

Now this is where the first mars landings should be located, right next to a handy cave. This is amazing, forget investigating craters on mars, these 7 holes may be the openings to underground complexes, and the prime place to search for life out of the harsh environment of the surface.

This black spot is one of seven possible entrances to subterranean caves identified on Mars in a paper presented at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in March.

The image below is the first one of these, and it shows the cave entrance called Jeanne.

At its highest resolution of 25 centimeters per pixel, the HiRISE camera can see the detailed shape of the slightly scalloped edge of a hole on the flank of Mars' Arsia Mons.

That means that the walls of the cave are overhanging -- the cave is larger below the ground than the entrance we can see at the surface -- and that it is very deep.

Mars' dusty atmosphere produces enough scattered light that "skylight" would illuminate the floor of a shallow cavern well enough for HiRISE to detect it.

Cave entrance on the flank of Arsia Mons
In this HiRISE image captured on May 7, 2007, a black spot mars the flank of Arsia Mons. The spot is most likely a skylight onto a subterranean cavern. Credit: NASA / JPL / U. Arizona

Here is the full image from the small pic.

This is as amazing as signs of water on Mars. If these are mere skylights to an interior cavern, then there might be huge "livable" places under the surface.


holes-on-mars.png - 175.52kb
By netchicken: posted on 26-5-2007

This picture better shows one of the holes in context. Note the lightly colored area to the top. Presumable 'gas' or something comes from the hole making the soil pattern change color.

Big pic here

mars-cave.png - 28.1kb
By netchicken: posted on 26-5-2007

This new find has been shown on the NASA website here

Comment on the photo above
... Quote:
Black spots have been discovered on Mars that are so dark that nothing inside can be seen. Quite possibly, the spots are entrances to deep underground caves capable of protecting Martian life, where it to exist.

The unusual hole pictured above was found on the slopes of the giant Martian volcano Arsia Mons. The above image was captured three weeks ago by the HiRISE instrument onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter currently circling Mars.

The holes were originally identified on lower resolution images from the Mars Odyssey spacecraft, The above hole is about the size of a football field and is so deep that it is completely unilluminated by the Sun.

Such holes and underground caves might be prime targets for future spacecraft, robots, and even the next generation of human interplanetary explorers.
By netchicken: posted on 29-5-2007

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