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Morgellons - the disease that no one believes

Are we seeing the emergence of a new disease, that even now, physicians don't belive in? Or is the medical establishment the victims of deluded complainants and hoaxes?

People with fibres growing out of their skin have been trying to get medical help only to be turned away with the condition described as merely psychological issue.

The illness involves disorientation, multi-colored fibers bursting from sores, and the sensation of bugs crawling under the skin. Is this an age-old delusion or a disturbing new disease?

The fibres have been described by physicains are merely clothing fibres, yet analysis has shown them to be totally unknown to the forensic community.

... Quote:
Oklahoma State neuroscientist Randy Wymore stumbled upon Leitao's Morgellons site asked if there were any fiber samples he could look at.

Though the fibers all resembled one another, he says, they looked like no other synthetic or natural fiber he compared them to. Ultimately, he asked the fiber experts on the Tulsa police department's forensics team to examine them.

First they employed a type of spectroscopy that identifies the chemical structures of fibers and compared them to their database of 800 fibers. No match.

Next they subjected fibers to gas chromatography. Compounds put through this process are encased in a vacuum chamber and exposed to high heat; the temperature at which they reach boiling point is a clue to what compound they are made of.

The forensic experts had a database that included the boiling point of 90,000 organic compounds with which to compare the fibers. But the machine ran to its highest temperature, 1,400 degrees, and apart from some slight blackening, nothing happened.

The fiber experts were mystified. "The conclusion we were left with is that they are unknown fibers, not simply contaminants from clothing sticking to scabs," says Wymore.

Apart from the fibres there are psycholigical complications as well.

... Quote:
One complicating factor,are neurological and psychological symptoms that come with Morgellons that make the patients difficult to deal with at times, and make it seem as if they really belong on the psychiatrist's couch.

"Patients start to act unusual," says Casey. "They get forgetful. They often have a speech hesitation, and they often have a hard time telling their story coherently." To her, it's not surprising. "The disease affects the brain."

New Jersey psychiatrist Robert Bransfield, who has a number of Morgellons patients, agrees. "They don't start out difficult to deal with," he says.

"But when it progresses, it can result in quite extreme paranoia, even delusions." Others have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, ADHD, autism, and even atypical Parkinson's as a result of their personality change.

The article is interesting to read.

Here is the website created by the mother of a Morgellons sufferer
By netchicken: posted on 1-6-2007

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