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Welcome Wireless Electricity !!

No this is not Nicolas Tesla shooting lighting bolts at machines but something that is as revolutionary as wireless telephony because of the shear scope of practical applications.

From Scientific American :

... Quote:

If you thought wireless Internet made life convenient, try wrapping your mind around wireless power. Researchers have successfully lit a 60-watt light bulb by transferring energy through the air from one specially designed copper coil to the bulb, which was attached to a second coil seven feet away [see image at right]. The ultimate goal: to shrink the coils and increase the distance between them so that a single base station emitting "WiTricity," as the inventors refer to the effect, could power a roomful of rechargeable gadgets, each containing its own small coil.

Last winter, physicists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology proposed they could extend induction's reach by projecting a magnetic field from a length of wire coiled so its ends nearly touch. The gap between ends forces electrons to whoosh back and forth through the coild at a specific rate, creating a magnetic field that oscillates at a characteristic frequency. The electrons in a matching coil would have the same frequency, so they would pick up the magnetic field in the same way that a wine glass shatters when an opera singer belts out the right note.

The MIT physicists expected that the moving electronsóa.k.a. an electric currentówould carry enough energy to give a laptop the roughly 30 watts it needs, says team leader Marin Soljacic. As described online today in Science, they tested their theory by building a pair of 30-centimeter-wide copper coils and plugging a light bulb into the receiving coil.

Although only 40 percent efficient, or about half as much as a laptop battery, the system worked as expected, says team member Aristeidis Karalis. Shrinking the coils will be challenging, he says, because less of the magnetic field will reach them.

You can just imagine how great this would be and the potential of this technology. But the article is ambigious in some areas. How exactly do you "project" a magnetic field ? Also what happens if this energy is absorbed by other devices and organic matter that is not supposed to receive it ?
By IAF: posted on 9-6-2007

I have heard about this theory a long time ago, but the drawback to the system is the massive inefficiencies of it.

Also in todays hyper sensitive health situation do you want strong magentic fields in your house like that? all to run some appliances?

It would be good for powering something in a place where you could not give it a cable, or batteries. Maybe in space, or inside a nuclear power plant.
By netchicken: posted on 9-6-2007

Well 40% effeciency is actually a pretty good technology considering the Internal Combustion engine has an efficiency of no greater than 30%. Getting a 40% energy tansfer is a good start. The main difficulty would be how the effect of the resonating magnetic fields influences people and other applications. But I feel with time this technology could be refined to improve efficiency and its range.
By IAF: posted on 9-6-2007

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