Captured terrorists confess their deeds on video

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Captured terrorists confess their deeds on video

One of the focuses of the interviewer of these terrorists was to see who had slaughtered the people as opposed to just shooting them. It seems that slaughtering them was considered a greater crime.

Apparently many of these people came from the same Syrian backed organizaton called the "Liberation Army", under the control of Adam al-Duma.

The ones who slaughtered the soldiers all denied that they did it (really we were just standing around) until the last video when the person fingered the others in earlier videos above as also taking part in the killing.

Apparently they are brave enough to kill but not brave enough to admit it.

First video below - illiterate cleaner turned terrorist tortured and killed policeman, note that the subject claims he never took part in it (yeah really..)

They then debowled the policeman and put explosives in his body, placed the body on the street, and told the relatives to come and get it.

When they picked the body up they exploded the body and killed the relatives as well.

This guy earned 1500 per month(?) killing people.

Syrian intelligence officer - married Christian woman blackmailed to collect informaton in Bagdad - her daughter was held hostage - sad and touching

Syrian military man, worked in iraq creating networks of agents with the goal of uniting Syria and Iraq. Made money by kidnapping and demanding ransom from people.

Paid money to people to slaughter 'collaborators'.

Helped the Syrian government to create and distribute "slaughter videos" showing people being slaughtered while the killers praised Allah, to terrorise the people and make them hate America.

Egyptian terrorist involved in killing, robbery and looting. Again focus on slaughtering people, paid $200 per body. This guy did seem repentent, maybe only because he was caught.

Two more Egyptian terrorists, involved in the same activities as the guy above. They all were involved in slaughtering National Guard soldiers.

By netchicken: posted on 13-6-2007

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