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Attack of the clones - Chinese military marching video

I have never really got the meaning of having the military all looking alike and moving in robotic symmetry. It's dehumanizing, which I suppose is the purpose of it. After all how can an army operate unless both the soldiers and the enemy are dehumanized? Not that its necessarily a bad thing.

Someone has spent a lot of time putting this together, its very good and not just a music video, gets more interesting in the second half.

Did you know that there are more people in the Chinese Women's Army than the population of the United States?

By netchicken: posted on 16-6-2007

The Chinese have an army for everything, their postal workers are an army, their nurses are an army, their workers are an army...

That whole Mao nationalism is one sick way to live. Hell, it better to be poor than to get rich like that.
By IAF: posted on 17-6-2007

To answer your question, netty, uniformity and precise movement and "robotic symmetry" is for discipline, attention to detail and unquestioning reaction to orders given.

When the bullets are flying your decision-making ability goes to crap, so your body relies on the training and retraining you and your unit received to get all those trained movements down pat. When your brain acts in such a manner and your comrads are trained in the same manner, everyone knows what the other is doing and knows what to expect from one another. Otherwise the battlefield would be total chaos.
Training and retraining necessary to execute organized movements, while not necessary on todays battlefield as they were back in the battlefield tactics before the more accurate and high-vulume weapons of today, instill a sense of discipline to react unquestioningly to commands.

It doesn't dehumanize the soldier, it makes the soldier part of a unit. The unit, then, can act as a single entity.

It all makes sense, really.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 17-6-2007

Actually you are right, it does make sence. Thanks for that TC :)

I hadn't thought of the unit operating as a single entity before. I thought the emphasis was on the similarity of each of the soldiers to each other, as opposed to their roles in a unit.
By netchicken: posted on 17-6-2007

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