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Man loses 400lbs in 3 years - video

Amazing weight loss story .... You have to admire this guy.

... Quote:
I used to weigh 630 pounds. I have been overweight all my life. I was close to death. I was written off by everyone, even myself.

All of a sudden I woke up it seemed from my despair and I realized feeling sorry about my life wasn't going to solve my problems. I decided to change my existence.

I weigh 229 now, I lost 401 pounds but I have excess skin. I wear a Large shirt and I can fit in a 34 waist.

WEIGHTLOSS IS DONE! When I first started losing it was hard, I could only walk 500ft. I can now walk for days. I had problems doing everything, but I persevered over every problem.

People used to laugh in my face, take pictures, and other degrading stuff. Now its another story getting buff, and so on. All within 3 years of starting. Crazy part is that Im only half done! I want to be around 230 solid cut up when done.

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