British army spends more feeding its dogs than soldiers.

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British army spends more feeding its dogs than soldiers.

I remember reading how the British soldiers really liked the American K meals. Now we know why :)

The Army spends more feeding its dogs than its soldiers, it has been claimed. Figures obtained by a Tory MP show that 1.51 a day goes on meals for troops, compared with 2.63 for military dogs.

Even prisoners – who cost 1.87 a day to feed – fare better than servicemen. Schoolchildren get 1.55 for lunch alone.

The MP, Mike Penning, is to raise the issue in the House of Commons today. The former Grenadier Guard said troops serving in war zones such as Iraq were being denied decent meals.

And he claimed that U.S. troops are given high-quality meat while British soldiers make do with cheap sausages and chips.

The armed forces keep 998 dogs for searching, guarding and arrest duties.

Mr Penning said: ‘The troops are not getting enough good-quality meals and are missing out on their daily meat and two veg.

... Quote:
I have been repeatedly told that Army cooks are struggling to feed the troops properly on just 1.51 a day.

This is a derisory amount of money. In contrast, I have been very reliably informed that dogs are being fed on more than 2.63 a day.

I cannot believe that soldiers are risking their lives daily for the country, but are not being fed properly. I have spoken to a number of mums who are being forced to send out food to their hungry sons. When I was in the army, my mum sent me a cake but that was as a treat.
By netchicken: posted on 17-6-2007

Apples and oranges. cars and space shuttles. Humans and dogs.

When I was a dog handler in the U.S. Army our working dogs were fed MSD, which stood for Maximum Stress Diet. It wasn't your run of the mill Walmart Old Roy cheap dog food. The food had the right amount of nutrients plus extra stuff to keep the dogs healthy and functioning. Onsidering it costs more to procur, train and employ a single dog than it does a single soldier it would make sense that the military would buy high quality and scientifically created dog food.

On a side note, I used to snarf an occasional dog treat that I kept in a cargo pocket for my dog. They weren't bad and they cut down on the tarter build up! :)

Just because the food costs more per meal doesn't mean the dogs are eating like kings. It only means the Her Majesty's military is taking care of the tools the soldiers use to stay alive.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 18-6-2007

Heh, when I was a very young kid I was partial to those big trianglular dog biscuits :)

Here is how happy the British are to American food :)

The British soldiers actually like American MREs, but I told them our soldiers likely would never believe such a thing. Some Brits told me they actually got American MREs for Christmas and were bug-eyed happy about it.

I found the British rations were good, but truth be known, our guys do eat a little better. Some American soldiers actually tell me that the Brits get all the good “kit” (gear), which is interesting because the Brits say the Americans get all the good kit.

The Brits also think we level a city block in Baghdad every time someone shoots a mortar at us, but that’s not true. Meanwhile, the Americans think the Brits aren’t doing any fighting in Basra, and that’s definitely not true.

By netchicken: posted on 20-6-2007

I suppose the moral of the story is the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? I guess that is very true.

However, this is also true:
When I was in Germany (before they even spoke German :P ) we used to make beer runs to the Canadian BX that was an hour and a half from our depot. Why? Because the Canadians had a much better beer selection that we did.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 20-6-2007

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