How a parent lost her son to obesity

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How a parent lost her son to obesity

A touching tragic story of the waste of a young life...

I lost my son to obesity. I noticed some changes in my son a few years ago, new portly friends, he gained some weight, he became withdrawn, every time I walked in his room he quickly popped a breath mint, etc. All signs of obesity, but I chose to ignore it, I told myself he was a good kid and would never get involved in stuff like that.

I searched his room and found candy bars under his mattress, McDonald's monopoly game pieces, coupons to Wendy's, etc. I've never been so disappointed in my life. Did I let him down? Was this my fault? Was it the governments fault? I sat him down and told him I loved him but he would have to stop eating so much. He said he realized he had a problem and we would work together to turn his life around. If only it was that easy.

I've since learned that he first got candy from kids on the playground. Children would take candy to the playground and use it, deal it, and make fun of the kids who didn't use it. Children can be so cruel. My son succumbed to the peer pressure and tried his first Hershey kiss. They give these drugs cute names like Hershey kiss, Mike and Ike, and put cartoon characters on them so they appeal to children.

Anyways, this all started when he was around 12-13 and in middle school. He was clean for a while but then money started disappearing from my wallet every now and then. I knew he was hooked again.

This went on for several years, he would get clean, then relapse, wreaking havoc with my emotions. We tried fat camp, the YMCA, the Subway diet, everything; but nothing would keep him clean permanently.

When he turned 16, he started sneaking out late at night and going to the all you can eat buffet. He would steal the car and go to the late night drive thru at Taco Bell. He stole from me, pawned by my wife's jewelry to buy more food. He was completely consumed by his addiction.

The turning point came when he introduced my daughter to chocolate. He told her it would make her feel good, her taste buds would get a rush. When I found out I threw him out of the house. It was the hardest thing I've ever done, but I hoped it would turn his life around, sink or swim you know.

He just sunk further. He got a McJob from his dealter, McDonalds. He was drawn in by the glamorous lifestyle, thinking he would get promotions and move up the chain, maybe opening his own restaurant and control his own turf. After becoming a manager he purchased a McMansion and commuted to his McJob in his new SUV, becoming even more sedentary.

Life was good for him, he got a free meal every day and a paycheck. But then he started getting high off his own supply, eating more than one free meal, sneaking in late at night and making food.

He couldn't stop, he was going to be fired but died of congestive heart failure before they could. He was only 23, another life cut short by obesity.
By netchicken: posted on 19-6-2007

This is so sad! All that potential, all that ability, wasted by being fat.

Did you try kidnapping him and having him committed to a fat camp?

What about leaving information on gym membership lying around?

Did anyone try and show him the enjoyment of a natural high from endorphins, instead of sugar?

Now instead of being a productive member of society, he is a burden to the health system and a high carb criminal.

Of course its all because of your failing as a parent. He didn't find love in his family, so found it in a twinkie.

He didn't find self esteem in athletics, so found found it in a playstation.

He failed at relationships and found solace in the internet.

all symptoms of impending fatness.
By netchicken: posted on 19-6-2007

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