Spring in the Arctic is two weeks early

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Spring in the Arctic is two weeks early

Spring-time in the Arctic is arriving two weeks earlier than it did a decade ago, say ecologists working in Greenland.

Processes that mark the beginning of spring, such as flowers blooming and birds laying eggs, are now happening an average of more than 14 days earlier in the calendar than they did as recently as 1996, as a result of rising temperatures.

The discovery adds to the litany of changes to ecosystems that are occurring in response to changing climates around the world. But the rate at which changes are occurring in the high Arctic far outstrips that seen elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.

... Quote:
We suddenly realized that the trends are dramatically stronger than elsewhere. Previous worldwide studies of animals and plants have suggested that, globally, the beginning of spring is advancing by around five days per decade.

Says Toke Hye of the University of Aarhus, Denmark, who led the research.

But in the frozen valleys of Zackenberg, northeastern Greenland, the rate of change is almost triple the world average, Hye's team has discovered. "This is the first study of its kind in the high Arctic," he says. It's quite a surprise to see such a huge difference."

Spring forwards

Hye and his colleagues monitored the timings of 66 separate biological indicators of spring-time, including the emergence of a wide range of insects, egg-laying in birds, and the appearance of flowers. Although the average advance is 14.5 days, some birds are now laying their eggs more than a month earlier than in 1996, the researchers report in Current Biology1.

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By netchicken: posted on 20-6-2007

Very strange as I was taught that it is more the length of the days that effect the beginning of Spring and Fall than temperatures.

Also, I saw the word "trend" be used a couple times and that the differences are measured between 1996 and this year, but the article does not tell how incremental the changes have occured in the last ten years.

Call me suspicious, but the Global Warming poitical activists have trotted out so much pseudo-science and partial data to make a non-existent case against the West that I don't trust any stat or alleged scientific evidence unless I know the source is nonbiased and totally objective.

I blame my sensitivity to this on Al Gory and Leonardo DiCrappio.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 21-6-2007

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