Children abused in Iraqi orphanage

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Children abused in Iraqi orphanage

Mans inhumanity to man, often affects the most vulnerable. Malnourished children in an Iraqi orphanage tied to their beds. Other photos show that there was plenty of food and clothing in the orphanage as well. Little Auschwitz of modern times.. horrible..

This image made from video released by CBS News shows soldiers and children found in an orphanage in Baghdad, Iraq in June 2007. U.S. and Iraqi soldiers found 24 severely malnourished children in a Baghdad orphanage, some tied to their beds and too weak to stand, the U.S. military said

Wednesday June 20, 2007. The U.S. military, which leaked the story and pictures of the orphanage to CBS News earlier this week, said they were all boys between the ages of 3 and 15

More disturbing images here (discretion needed)

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By netchicken: posted on 22-6-2007

Hows this for pathetic excuses for the orphanage? The fact that they were found naked, starving and tied to their beds is all the Americans fault!

Iraqi Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Sheikh Radhi strongly criticized the publicity surrounding a Baghdad orphanage where U.S. soldiers found mistreated children, saying news reports were exaggerated, and questioned U.S. motives during a press conference in Baghdad today.

... Quote:
The Labor Ministry in all its officials and employees are responsible only to the Iraqi government, not to U.S. forces,” he told reporters, adding that the center was not an orphanage but a center opened 25 days before the raid for disabled children who are “unable to control their physical activities.” “The manner in which U.S. forces dealt with this incident requires deep analysis,” he said.

Al-Sheikh Radi said the timing of the U.S. raid, which occurred after midnight, raised many questions, adding, “The suffering from electricity outages is a problem everywhere, and the ministry had made great efforts to supply the orphanage with electricity, especially since it was opened recently; the hot weather was what pushed the children to strip naked.” (The Iraqi capital receives only two to four hours of electricity a day – sometimes as little as one hour a day – when summer temperatures reach as high as 125 degrees.)

“The actions of the U.S. military by publicizing are an insult to those children. There were ill intentions prior to these actions,” he said.

Taking part in the press conference was the director of the orphanage, Dhiaa’ Abdul Amir, who had fled after U.S. troops found the center. He denied that there was any abuse of the children, adding that the photos released by the U.S. military focused on two boys suffering from skin infections but that the rest of the children were healthy.

The U.S. military had discovered the Al-Hanan orphanage for children with special needs in the predominately Shi’ite Utaifiya district of central Baghdad on June 10, according to a CBS News report last Monday.

The soldiers found 24 malnourished children, aged 3 to 15, naked in a hot, dark room, some of them tied to cribs and lying in pools of their excrement. The children were too weak to stand up when they were released. U.S. soldiers found a locked room nearby full of food and packaged clothes.

Three female caretakers and two men, including the director of the orphanage, were reportedly found cooking a meal for themselves in another room. The director fled afterwards, CBS News reported.

The Iraqi government had announced yesterday that it started an investigation of the incident at the orphanage, and vowed to conduct patrols in the rest of Baghdad’s orphanages and childcare centers.

PM Maliki also ordered the arrests of employees of the orphanage who had gone into hiding after it was discovered, but the public appearance of the center’s director with the labor ministry at the press conference today suggests that no punitive actions would be taken.
By netchicken: posted on 22-6-2007

Sad...this is the last place like this I'm sure. Its more like a death camp than some orphanage.
By IAF: posted on 23-6-2007

There is no way I am going to click through that link and see the disturbing photos.
The dearest human I have ever had the privilege to know rebuked me one day when I referred to people who do such things (blow up children or do this to children, no difference) as animals. She said they were created in G-d's image just like the rest of us.
She is right, they are not animals, they are thinking, cognizant humans. That means they have no excuse, no defense; they will pay for the unspeakable horrors they have inflicted upon those poor children.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 23-6-2007

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