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Potential Area 51 aircraft

These are some proposed aircraft that might have been developed in Area 51.

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Special-Ops Infiltrator
The Vehicle: Vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft for transporting special-ops forces to hostile areas

The Technology: Blended-wing-body design with six jet engines powering lift fans and providing forward thrust

The Evidence: Patent filings, obvious gap in current arsenal, recent development of key technology

blackairplanes_ss_1.jpg - 32.46kb
By netchicken: posted on 8-7-2007

Recon Platform
The Vehicle: Unmanned flying-wing capable of long-duration surveillance flights, measured in days and weeks instead of hours

The Technology: Autonomous flight controls and ultra-efficient electric motors powered by solar panels or fuel cells

The Evidence: Patent filing, clear current need, recent development of key technology

blackairplanes_ss_2.jpg - 18.82kb
By netchicken: posted on 8-7-2007

The Vehicle: Stealthy, unmanned combat aerial vehicle

The Technology: Visual stealth, including active fuselage lighting that blends into background

The Evidence: Patent filing, development of key technology, obvious gap in current arsenal

blackairplanes_ss_3.jpg - 17.47kb
By netchicken: posted on 8-7-2007

On-Time Delivery
The Vehicle: Aurora Mach 6-plus attack aircraft

The Technology: Ramjet-powered delta wing

The Evidence: Telltale sonic booms; unconfirmed sightings; unresolved history of long-rumored program; recent development of key technology; large, unexplained current budget allocation

blackairplanes_ss_4.jpg - 29.19kb
By netchicken: posted on 8-7-2007

Cool pictures Netty! :cool:
By IAF: posted on 8-7-2007

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