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The LOLcats phenomenon

Welcome to the kitten craze. Bad spelling kittens are takin ova web!

Take a picture of a cat doing something cute. Then make up a caption--something witty that the cat would be saying if cats could talk.

Bear in mind that cats can't spell all that well and that they're not so hot on subject-verb agreement either.

Photoshop the caption onto the image, and post your creation on a blog. What you get is lolcats: lol for laugh out loud, cats for cats.

What you also get is the reigning instance of an Internet meme, a running gag that won't stop running but instead reproduces and mutates in the petri dish of the Net's collective imagination.

A Google search for lolcats returns 3.3 million results. The website the definitive lolcats archive, gets 200 to 500 submissions a day.

"The breadth of cultures [lolcats] has spread to is mind-boggling," says one of the site's two curators, who prefer to remain anonymous. "We think it has evolved beyond Internet subculture and is hitting the mainstream."

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I like the lolcats programming

lolcat-align-right.jpg - 28.73kb
By netchicken: posted on 16-7-2007

Kitten sleeps

kitten-sleep.jpg - 45.46kb
By netchicken: posted on 16-7-2007

My Wife and her Kitty
By aussie_duke: posted on 19-7-2007

I love this one, must be static electricity :):)

cat-packing.jpg - 36.81kb
By netchicken: posted on 4-2-2008

I got a few favorites...

54775_1_.jpg - 28.34kb
By peregrine: posted on 29-6-2009

and this...

funny-pictures-cat-explains-law-of-water-displacement.jpg - 34.87kb
By peregrine: posted on 29-6-2009

and this...

funny-pictures-concerto-cat.jpg - 29.66kb
By peregrine: posted on 29-6-2009

and this...

funny-pictures-doom-comes-in-fun-size.jpg - 21.2kb
By peregrine: posted on 29-6-2009

and this...

funny-pictures-matrix-cat-is-bent-by-spoon.jpg - 34.91kb
By peregrine: posted on 29-6-2009

and this...

I Has a Flavor.jpg - 33.43kb
By peregrine: posted on 29-6-2009


funny-pictures-why-you-should-not-wash-the-cat.jpg - 29.6kb
By peregrine: posted on 29-6-2009

I love them :)

Especially the last one :)
By netchicken: posted on 29-6-2009

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