Wounded Australian private security operator \'left for dead by Americans\'

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Wounded Australian private security operator 'left for dead by Americans'

On one hand this is sad but then again, he was not in the military and working privately, where was the help from his own people? I think that you would need to know more about the situation before jumping to conclusions.

An Australian private security operator was left for dead by American forces after he was seriously wounded during an ambush in southern Iraq.

The US refused to provide a helicopter to evacuate the wounded man after being told he was Australian, News Limited reports.

The Queensland man, who suffered severe leg and abdominal injuries, was delivered to Basra air base by a British road convoy more than seven hours after the attack.

The June 25 attack near the town of Al Zubair, 15km southwest of Basra, was carried out by at least six gunmen and involved roadside bombs, small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades.

Two Toyota Landcruisers were destroyed in the attack.

Three of the man's Iraqi colleagues, including an Iraqi interpreter, died in the attack.

The security operator underwent surgery at a British military hospital and was later evacuated out of Iraq.

He remains in the region in a serious but stable condition.

By netchicken: posted on 19-7-2007

The American Army isn't too keen on assisting American contract security personnel, either. The Army sees these people as mercenaries.
An old buddy called me up the other day, telling me about some really swell overseas jobs he and I are qualified for because of our backgrounds. We could make over a hundred thousand dollars a year in the desert doing security jobs. Over a hundred thousand a year! We wouldn't be over there because of G-d, country, Mom and apple pie; we'd be over there because of mammon.

The military police are getting blown out of their vehicles, scattered over the countryside by IED's, for a whole lot less and because they are sent their on military orders. They and the rest of the Army kind of resent the mercenary mentality.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 19-7-2007

I agree with TC. As a former soldier, little pissed me off more than private contractors. Not only were they taking our jobs, they got paid more for doing less, and they didnt have to abide by the same restrictions that we had to. I joined the army to work to protect and serve America. If you could have seen my monthly pay stubs, it would become obvious that none of us were doing it for the money. And if you ever flew military transport (MAC flight) home on leave, seen the dearth of goods in the PX, the state of military health care at the troop clinics, or the state of soldier housing, you would know were sure as hell werent doing it for the benefits either.

When I was in, it was during the massive drawdowns, and many former military occupations (MOS) were being discarded and those former jobs given to civilian cintractors.

As far as any military is concerned, American or otherwise, the nationality of the mercinary does not matter, only that they are mercinaries and fighting for profit.
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 26-7-2007

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