Terrorism is Islams worst enemy

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Terrorism is Islams worst enemy

Terrorism is the worst press that Islam could give itself, as seen in theis survey where 41% of people think Islam glorifies suicide, and many consider violence to be a part of Islam. I wonder what this survey would have been like 10 years ago...

July 20, 2007 - Americans are largely accepting of their fellow citizens who are Muslims, but remain worried about radicals inside the United States, according to a new NEWSWEEK Poll—the first the magazine has conducted on attitudes toward Islamic Americans.

Forty percent of those surveyed believe Muslims in the United States are as loyal to the U.S. as they are to Islam. (Thirty-two percent believe American Muslims are less loyal to the U.S.)

But close to half (46 percent) of Americans say this country allows too many immigrants to come here from Muslim countries.

A solid majority of Americans (63 percent) believe most Muslims in this country do not condone violence, and 40 percent tend to believe the Qur'an itself does not condone violence (28 percent feel it does). But 41 percent of Americans feel Muslim culture glorifies suicide.

Most Americans surveyed (52 percent) view Muslims who live here as more peaceable than those living outside the United States. (Only 7 percent think Muslims here are less peaceable.)

Still, there is a high level of concern among Americans about Islamic radicals inside the United States.

A majority of Americans report being either "somewhat" (38 percent) or "very worried" (16 percent) about radicals within the American Muslim community.

By netchicken: posted on 21-7-2007

My opinion would have been the same ten years ago. Nothing has changed in Islam in the last ten years, the caliphate was discontinued nearly 100 years ago so there could not have been any change.

It can be shown that Islam does glorify killing one's self in order to kill the "enemy of Allah" and that the mosques in the U.S. has been teaching the mosque-goers that they cannot be loyal to both Islam and America under democratic rtule is well documented.

This survey tells me that the thoughts of Americans are a bit convoluted, and that they know the truth but at the same time do not want to admit it to themselves. Seems a shame as the only way to correct a problem and prevent a catastrophe is to recognize the problem. The same must be said about Islam; the Muslims should reflect upon their religion's Quran and Hadith, decide whether or not their religion is condoning violence against the Dar al-Harb and, if so, decide what to do about this problem.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 22-7-2007

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