Babur - Pakistan missile may be a back engineered Tomahawk

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Babur - Pakistan missile may be a back engineered Tomahawk

Pakistan has some very modern equipment. In 1998, six Tomahawk cruise missiles fired at Taliban bases in Afghanistan by US destroyers mis-fired and landed in Pakistan.

It is speculated that Pakistan seized upon the opportunity to reverse-engineer the Tomahawk and develop its own prototype. The missile's design features can be compared with the American BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missile.

The propulsion system appears to approximate that of Tomahawk according to video of its launch. Chinese assistance is further speculated to have been taken to develop its guidance system.

However, there is no confirmation of this, and both the Pakistani missile development company, NESCOM, and Chinese authorities have rejected the theory.

Some members of NDC/NESCOM have come out saying, off the record, that Pakistan has been working on cruise missiles since 1995.

Babur is believed to be extremely accurate. It is steered by an inertial navigation system (INS). INS continuously measures the movement, speed and position of the missile.

It is equipped with a precision guidance system that allows the missile to hit small targets. It is powered by a cruise turbo-fan engine which enables the missile to reach an approximate speed of 880 km/h (550 miles/h).

Picture below..
A government handout photograph shows Babur (Hatf-VII) the nuclear capable radar-dodging cruise missile taking off during a test fire at an undisclosed location, 26 July 2007.

Babur that has near-stealth capabilities is a terrain-hugging and highly maneuverable missile, which can strike targets up to 700 kilometers away with pinpoint accuracy.

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By netchicken: posted on 27-7-2007

Well, I wouldnt be surprised if clinton sold them the tomahawk for a few campaign donations. He has sold far more valuable information to china for a few charitable donations.
By Xphilesphan: posted on 27-7-2007

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