Where does Europe get its ideas about America?

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Where does Europe get its ideas about America?

As a former member of ATS, a dominately european board, I was often angered and perplexed by the average european's ideas about America and it's citizens. I have discovered that ATS is not the only place on the web where the average european concept of an american is an obese, uneducated, bible thumping moron that is armed to the teeth.

The following video from youtube may illustrate my point better and please keep in mind that it is a CBN broadcast and pat robertson typically applies a biblical twist to it.

By Xphilesphan: posted on 27-7-2007

I don't know what "Bible-thumping" means, but I am a Christian, and a Bible-believing one at that.
I own weapons, but what "armed to the teeth" is, I am unsure. I'd imagine owning any is "to the teeth" to people who are not allowed to own them. Then again, I don't think any more of them than I do any other tool. I am perplexed at why they are so concerned about my weapons as I pose no threat to their socialist way of living.
I am six feet tall and weigh 175 pounds. While I am not in the shape that I was when I was in the army I am not overweight by any Euro standard.
As far as being ignorant, I am not knowledgeable in all topics or subjects, but I suspect that they are not, either.

I am short on time and don't have time to watch the video at the moment but I already know why they think these things.
They have regressed into a spiritually dead secular society that worships self over anything else. They believe that because they have structures on their continent the individual European is much smarter and wiser than the individual American.
They believe that because we do not buy into their ways of doing things we are ignorant.
They can do that, we have been dumb enough to insure their security for decades, since the last time they tried to tear themselves apart. Maybe they are right, maybe we are dumb. We have spent billions insuring their survival. Over sixty years later and we still have a military presence there.

Who are they to even look crossways at us? :P
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 28-7-2007

I think that video clearly answers your question.

I guess I should, but I don't really care what they think of us. My opinion of them is much worse ;)
By Venus: posted on 28-7-2007

The trouble with generalizations is that they are just generalizations.

So the beginning of this video starts out with "Most Europeans believe ... " then spouts crap seemingly with the authority to tell Americans just what Europeans believe.

Its exactly the same as Xphilesphan stated but in reverse. The speaker is making a straw man "Most europeans believe ..." then he will try to shoot it down.

The same happens with the news video ... "Europeans being fed a steady diet of media distortions about America for years".

Apparently Europeans as a mass of people, are unable to judge for themselves and draw their own conclusions about what America is.

The article quotes a British novelist and said that she spoke for many. Says who? Says the reporter trying to make a point, but not expressing the truth. Take one extreme nut and say it represents everyone, and you have the stereotypes that you talk about above.

What is funny is that Robertson at the end compares europe to the rise of the antichrist and asks if this is a precurser to it, as he finds it in the Book oF Revelations.

This begs the question however ... where is America mentioned in the Book of Revelations? Answer? Its not. conclusion. When Revelations is fulfilled America won't be a forceful player in the story anywhere.

Really Xphilesphan this nonsence is just as bad a distortion of Europeans as it is of Americans.

The article takes extemists views and credits that to all Europeans. Guess the American producers of this news item are just as biased as the Europeans they claim to portray.
By netchicken: posted on 28-7-2007

Here is a good indication of how people can twist situations to make a point ... The picture is made to spin one way (Bush supports the troops) and the paper has spun it the other

Guess who didn't go to Iraq?

See the bottom of the page

By netchicken: posted on 28-7-2007

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