Vehicle emission hysteria loses the plot

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Vehicle emission hysteria loses the plot

With the climate change scares in the media recently, countries are being told to upgrade their vehicle fleets. New vehicles create less pollutants than old vehicles. The benefit will be less pollution in our cities.

SUV's as well are demonised as nasty pollution monsters. Although I have no love of SUV's for other reasons, their low fuel economy, their huge dangerous presence, their symbolic signal of a the owner having a small weaner, are enough to get them off the roads.

But is this emphasis on new vehicles based on reality, or just a means to make you spend more on a vehicle you don't need?

Look at these amazing statistics ....

Burning one cord of wood produces more smog emissions than a new SUV driven around the Earth's circumference 35 times. From here

or ...
... Quote:

Burning a cord of wood in your fireplace this winter will create more smog causing emissions than 10 of our new Chevrolet sport utilities over their entire practical lifetime - in fact you'd have to drive one of our new Trailblazers around the earth's circumference more than 37 times to match the output of that nice warm winter fire

Or consider that painting a room with one can of interior water-based paint generates more smog causing emissions than driving one of our GMC sport utilities from Toronto to Vancouver and back again.

And that same new vehicle will emit less in a year than operating a snowmobile for 1 hour. From here

or ..
... Quote:
Burning just one cord of wood in your fireplace this past winter will have created more smog-causing emissions than the entire lifetime emissions produced from 10--I repeat 10--tier 2, mid-size SUVs.

Putting it another way, you would have to drive 37 tier 2 SUVs around the earth's circumference to equal the emissions from burning that one cord of wood.

Or take, for example, painting a room with one gallon of interior water-based paint, which generates more smog-causing emissions than driving a tier 2 vehicle from Toronto to Vancouver and

So if you upgrade your car to a new one, and then run a wood fire, or a woodburner, then your expensive vehicle saving are producing a negligable or create no change in reducing pollution.

Instead of focusing on making people upgade their vehicles, maybe the biggest polluters are wood fires (presumably coal fires are even worse). If you are a greeny driving a Pirus, and then go home to a woodburner heating, then you are just fooling yourself.

Just how big is one cord of wood?
Here is about 2 cord of wood from here
... Quote:
The photo below shows the approximately two cords of firewood that I have left from last winter. It's not easy to see, but there are three rows here - a short one in front and two longer ones in back.

One cord of wood measures 8 feet long, 4 feet high, and 4 feet wide - which equals 128 cubic feet.

So what you see is two rows of wood, just the visible ones are more than one cord. Its not much, we burn that in a winter.

2-cord-WoodPile.jpg - 45.05kb
By netchicken: posted on 29-7-2007

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