Hezbollah says it is ready to attack Israel again

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Hezbollah says it is ready to attack Israel again

This time last year Israel was at war with an Iran-created terror organization called Hezbollah. Hezbollah crossed into Israel its border with Lebanon to kill and kidnap Israeli soldiers who were on border patrol, sparking a counter-strike from Israel. The kidnapped soldiers are still being held hostage, their fates unknown. Although Hezbollah fored 4,000 rockets into Israel in attempt to kill civilians and soldiers alike and while Israel struck numerous rockets and launchers during the war, Iran and Syria have already resupplied Hezbollah's depleted arsenal and have even upgraded their weapons that are to be used against Lebanon's peaceful neighbor.

All this has been accomplished under the noses of U.N. forces - the same forces that threatened to shoot down Israeli planes while Israel was trying to thwart the resupply efforts.

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the terrorist organization that is slowly gaining control of Lebanon, thereby spreading Iran's influence farther across the region, addressed pro-Hezbollah ralliers at Bint Jbeil. Nasrallah didn't actually show up in public but was broadcast on a large screen set up in the town square.

... Quote:
"We will not wait for anyone to defend us. We will defend ourselves and our country," he said. "We possess and we will continue to possess rockets that can hit any area in occupied Palestine if Israel attacks Lebanon," he added.

"It is impossible to live with a back-stabbing enemy on our border, who has been assaulting us ever since it was born."

"Our" border? Who is this our; Hezbollah is not the de jour government, it is an Iranian-created entity that has two purposes - attack Israel when possible and trap Lebanon into Iran's brand of Shi'ite Islam. Nevermind the fact that Lebanon was created to be a Christian enclave in the Muslim-strong region.

By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 30-7-2007


"back-stabbing enemy on our border"

You are right TC, its a bit rich complaining about Israel being backstabbing, when they initiated the last war by trying to kidnap some soldiers.
By netchicken: posted on 30-7-2007

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