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Incongruity in the Middle East - education and stability

Which Arab country's population are most literate in the Arab world, with an extremely high education motivation, yet can be considered to be in the first failed arab society?

The Palestine territories.

One would imagine that high educational expectations and literacy might create a society where stability, and industry would predominate.

However a reason for this incongruity may be in the teaching practices that the children encounter.

... Quote:
Critics said there's too much learning by rote and that it's unfair to students and parents to put so much emphasis on a few tests; grades accumulated throughout high school are not counted toward graduation.

"The system puts huge pressure on students because it measures their accomplishments in one exam, which is unfair," said Walid Batrawi, a writer in the Al Ayyam daily. "I can't remember anything I studied for the tawjihi."

Rote learning does not create a society of free thinkers and inventers. Instead it reinforces traditional structures and conformity.

One exam also only means that the information is stored in the short term memory where it will fade over weeks, not in the long term permanent memory, where it can be accessed and used at a later date.

Apparently there is also an arbitrariness to the results as seen in 2 seperate lists of successful students in Gaza, one from Hamas and one from the government.

... Quote:
This year, there was another twist to the publication. The rival governments in the West Bank and Gaza released the scores on different days, in their ongoing wrangling over legitimacy. Hamas-ruled Gaza published its list last Thursday, while the moderate West Bank government released it Tuesday.

Despite the desperation to succeed it looks like the outlook for even successful students is poor in their educational success and employment prospects.
By netchicken: posted on 8-8-2007

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