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Reducing the drinking age - don't do it America

In New Zealand the drinking rate was reduced to 18, that debate is now emerging in America. Let New Zealand be a warning to America not to go down that path.

Our youth crime, teen violence, teen party riots, and teen deaths on the roads have increased tremendously over the last few years of the drinking age being lowered.

The negative predictions of the police have come true. now people are wanting to try and put the genie back in the bottle and raise it again. However it seems that will never happen.

The argument that "they are doing it now" fails to see the reality, reduce the age to 18 and the16 yr olds are "doing it now" in New Zealand. Younger and younger kids are getting drunk and dying. Don't go down that path. Many families here wish they could turn back time.

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Now, some researchers, educators and lawmakers say it’s time to have that debate all over again. Partly, there is a historical echo, as soldiers considered old enough to kill and be killed in Iraq and Afghanistan can’t have a farewell toast legally at their hometown watering hole.

More broadly, however, many question whether a drinking age of 21 is a good idea at all—whether, in simple terms, it creates more problems than it purports to solve.
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By netchicken: posted on 13-8-2007

Marketing alcohol to young people is leading to more young New Zealanders dying

Marketing alcohol to young people is leading to more young New Zealanders dying, researchers said today.

Massey University health researcher Tim McCreanor told the Public Health Association's annual conference in Palmerston North the number of alcohol related injuries and deaths among the young had increased since 2000.
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It's no coincidence that this is when the drinking age was lowered to 18. The relentless marketing and promotion of alcohol to young people means that we now have a generation who are pre-disposed to alcohol.
Mr McCreanor said.

Researcher Hector Kaiwai, also a researcher, said alcohol companies infiltrated youth culture by using masculine stereotypes and popular culture.

They saturated the market with their messages, he said.
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What I found was young men had very high recall of alcohol marketing and advertising. It has a huge influence on their drinking behaviour and their understanding of what it means to be masculine.

Sporting icons such as the All Blacks were used by alcohol companies to promote their brands. These are important role models for our young men and I think they are sending out bad messages to our kids.
Mr Kaiwai said.

Mr Kaiwai said a colleague who focused on how alcohol companies targeted young women found different products had been feminised.

"Things such as bottles of wine -- they have put lip gloss with little sparkly things on it."

Ready to Drink products were positioned as feminine drinks by the way they were advertised, he said.

"Initially they were probably a market that wasn't really focused on but lately they have definitely become a target for marketers."
By netchicken: posted on 13-8-2007

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