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Gaza under Hamas

A portion of what Hamas is doing in Gaza:

Disintegration of Law. The armed wing of Hamas, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, reportedly seized legal documents from a lawyer that documented the confiscation of a car by Hamas. The militiamen took the lawyer’s affidavit at gunpoint. Human and legal rights groups have documented the crime, but since Hamas is now the law in Gaza, they have no way to escalate the matter. Similarly, when the EF recently stormed the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions headquarters, raised the green Hamas flag over the building, and “nationalized” it, the Federation could do nothing. Rule of law continues to deteriorate.

Killing Political Rivals. Hamas has attacked its rivals with utter brutality. During the Hamas assault on Gaza in July, according to a Palestinian human-rights group, some 160 Palestinians were killed, including 45 civilians, and 800 were wounded. Fatah accounted for most of the casualties in grisly violence that included summary executions, kneecapping, and throwing handcuffed prisoners from tall buildings. More recently, one PIJ member was killed and six were wounded Wednesday in a battle between Hamas and PIJ in the Gaza Strip. Hamas moved against PIJ after gunmen fired their weapons in the air during a wedding celebration. Claiming a need to enforce a ban on firing weapons in public, Hamas fired a rocket at a PIJ stronghold, and gunfire could be heard for hours.

Islamizing the Police. Tellingly, the Hamas Executive Force that has been beating demonstrators and banning free press held a teach-in two weeks ago on being a Muslim policeman. How Islam will play a role in policing Gaza is not yet known, but the very notion of religious police smacks of the Taliban’s Department for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, which punished Afghanis for straying from sharia law.

Ariel Sharon gave Gaza over to the Arab-Palestinians lock, stock and barrel. He ordered the removal of all Jews, even the bodies of the dead ones as the Muslim-Palestinians have proven their disrespect for even the Jewish dead. Since being under Arab-Palestinian rule Gaza has done nothing but fall into a cess pool of violence and terrorism. Rather than show the world what lofty heights they can achieve, the Gazans have found themselves stuck in an Islamic prison that they elected themselves into when they elected Hamas into power.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 17-8-2007

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