Arab Palestinians intentionally destroy history

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Arab Palestinians intentionally destroy history

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The Waqf Muslim authority, using heavy tractors, has so far excavated a trench 120 -meters long, 1.5 meters deep, crushing fragments of monumental building, pottery and glazed tiles in their path. The trench runs through the northern and eastern parts of the 2,000-year old Upper Platform of Temple Mount, where the outer courts of the Jewish Temple were situated, including the Women’s Court, until the Roman destruction of 70 C.E. Today, the Muslim Dome of the Rock stands there.

Dr. Gabriel Barkai of Bar Ilan University is leading the protest against the wildcat, unauthorized Waqf project to improve the mosques’ infrastructure and demanding that the contents of the trench be scientifically excavated and documented before they are lost.

“This issue transcends politics,” he told DEBKAfile. “It is a tragic loss for world culture, as much as or more than the effigies of Buddha destroyed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. It affects the foundations of Judeo-Christian civilization – as well as Muslim history in Jerusalem – by ravaging one of the most important sites for the history of mankind.”

DEBKAfile’s sources add: The Temple Mount Plaza, paved over by the Muslim rulers of Jerusalem in the Middle Ages, has never been scientifically explored.

All attempts to unearth and study the relics beneath the pavement have elicited a ferment of Muslim threats accusing Israel of attempting to destroy the mosques built over the ruins of the Jewish First and Second Temples. Even cautious shafts at a distance from the mosques are greeted with rage.

Yet, in 1999 and again now, in 2007, the Muslim authorities themselves excavated deep below the surface to expand their mosques and improve their facilities. Then as now, they destroyed precious Jewish, Christian and Muslim artifacts with heavy tractors and dumped them helter skelter as unwanted debris.

This is not at all new. They have been intentionally destroying all artifacts that would be historically significant to Jewish and Christian life that was there long before their religion had even been created.

While historical artifacts are not needed for Christians as nothing speaks louder than prophesies fulfilled to date, and not necessary for the Jews as their cultural and religious heritage has been kept through the centuries, the sheer archeological standpoint is enough to send the average human into a seething rage.

The items that are being destroyed, lost forever, that could be in museums around the world; these people should be brought to justice.

Nevermind the fact that these are the same people who make outlandish claims and spin wild lies in order to minimize the history of the Jewish people in Jerusalem as they try and convince the semi-lucid global population that they, not the Jews, should have the land they call Palestine and Jerusalem (Called Qods by them) should be their capital.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 30-8-2007

This is nothing compared to what those bloody Taliban did to the Buddha statues in Afghanistan. Massive statues of Buddha carved our of the rock face were blow up because they were seen as symbols of Idol worship. I think the Indians or the Japanese even told the Taliban that they would dismantle the statues and transport them but these savages would not have it and blow them up with dynamite and TNT. Through that act of religious zealotry some of the world most precious artifacts were destroyed for no good reason.
By IAF: posted on 30-8-2007

Thats really sad, but what can you expect?

You're right TC, if they allowed proper archeology it would undermine their claim to the Temple Mount, as there would be evidence of the jewish constructions underneah.

Ultimately they want to wipe out any evidence of Jewish history to avoid the truth that would weaken their claims on the land.

Imagine the uproar if others bulldozed important Islamic historical sites, and how they ignore any complaints now. As IAF said, it just like the Banyan Buddha.

Apprarently respect is only allowed to go one way, you respect them, its not reciprical.
By netchicken: posted on 30-8-2007

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