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Unusual machines

Pictures of unusual machinery.

These pictures of unusual machines are worthy of a thread by themselves!

The biggest ship in the world

The Knock Nevis is a Norwegian owned supertanker, formerly known as Seawise Giant, Happy Giant, and Jahre Viking. She is 458 metres (1504 feet) in length and 69 m (226 ft) in width, making her the largest ship in the world.

She was built between 1979 and 1981, damaged during the Iran-Iraq War, and refloated in 1991, but is now used as an immobile offshore platform for the oil industry.


knock-nevis.jpg - 42.69kb
By netchicken: posted on 3-9-2007

The Russian Zil Swamp and snow truck and cosmonaut rescue vehicles

“Blue Bird” Сomplex was developed in the early 80s, on ZIL factory in the USSR. Its purpose was to search and help to the landing astronauts. It included freight vehicle ZIL-4906, ZIL-49061 Amphibious for passengers and auger wheel swamp and snowmobile ZIL-29061.

The cosmonaut vehicle

One of those cosmonaut vehicles would put an SUV to shame on the road. It would be the ultimate housetruck.

I wonder if the rocking motion of the truck would be a constant issue becuase of the huge tyres.

Strange swamp and snow vehicle. Seems to scoot along quite happily.

From http://www.englishrussia.co...

zil-swamp-monster.jpg - 172.95kb
By netchicken: posted on 3-9-2007

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