Comedy team dressed as Bin laden get within security in Sydney

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Comedy team dressed as Bin laden get within security in Sydney

They got within 100 meters of Bush's Hotel, and gave themselves up! Easy way to get a truck bomb into the area.

A comedy team hired 3 vehicles and some motocycles, put the Canadian flag on them and drove right through the heavy security in Sydney to close to the world leaders.

They were only apprehended when they stopped their car and got out wearing Osama Bin Laden outfits.

What a huge embarrassment for the security organizers!

ABC TV which airs the satirical The Chaser's War on Everything, and the program's producers, said in a statement last night that the Chaser team had no intention of entering the APEC restricted zone.

They had no knowledge that they had entered a restricted zone, the statement said.
... Quote:
The motorcade proceeded down Macquarie Street with the permission of police.

When The Chaser reached the perimeter of what they thought was the APEC restricted zone, they voluntarily turned around.

The police only detained The Chaser motorcade when it was turning around and after Chas Licciardello emerged from a car dressed as Osama bin Laden.

The statement said the Chaser team members were wearing mock "insecurity'' passes, which expressly stated they were a joke.

The cast from ABC TV's The Chaser could have been the targets of snipers when they breached Asia-Pacific Economic Co-Operation security by driving a fake motorcade into a restricted zone yesterday, NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said today.

Eleven people from The Chaser team arrested yesterday have already been charged with entering a secure area. They face a maximum six months in jail. Police are considering more charges.

The charge comes under newly legislated APEC laws that restrict anyone from entering declared zones during APEC.

Authorities had warned there would be a presumption against bail for people arrested in the APEC security zone, but all were granted bail to appear in the Downing Centre Local Court on October 4.
... Quote:
I'm angry, I'm very angry that this stunt happened, it was a very dangerous stunt.

The reality is they put security services in a position where they might have had to take an action no one would want. We have snipers deployed around the city. They weren't there for show, they mean business, that's what they were there for.
Mr Scipione said.

The Chaser's motorcade of two black vans, a hire car, two motorcycles and jogging security passed through two checkpoints on Macquarie Street.

They remained undetected until Bridge Street, where the show's executive producer, Julian Morrow and fellow cast member Chas Licciardello - who was wearing a bin Laden beard and robes - got out of their car outside InterContinental Hotel where President George Bush is staying, prompting police to detain them.

Mr Scipione said he had been advised American security services were satisfied with the police reaction in dealing with the stunt but he repeatedly stressed that he was livid the prank had taken place at all.

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By netchicken: posted on 7-9-2007

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