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Reverse anthropology documentary in Britian

This is a soon to be released documentary on the experiences of 5 Pacific Island stoneage tribesmen trying to understand how life is in Britian.

The British do these sort of programs so well, they are totally enjoyable to watch with their unique ideas.

These tribesmen also have an unusual belief system, they think Prince Phillip is god in flesh :) Where do they find these people?

For centuries, anthropologists have travelled overseas to live among ‘strange’ tribes and observe their ‘colourful’ ways. But rarely has it been tried the other way round.

So what happened when a group of South Pacific islanders spent a month in Britain to study our own odd little lives?

The film, in the form of a three-part documentary called Meet the Natives, appears on Channel 4 later this month. It will mark a scientific first: for generations, western anthropologists have travelled to faraway lands to live among native tribes and document their way of life. But, until now, anthropology has always been a one-way street; alien cultures have never " gone native" over here. The project was an experiment in what one might call reverse anthropology.

A very strange experiment it was too. The five men, whose names are Yapa, Joel, JJ, Posen and Albi, come from a small hillside village on Tanna, which is the southern tip of the archipelago that makes up the island nation of Vanuatu. At home, they live in mud huts, wear nothing but penis sheaths made from grass, and while away days conforming to a sort of tropical cliché: tending crops, looking after pigs and sitting contentedly in the shade of the banyan tree.

The hurly-burly of central London, where I was invited to follow the group for a day, couldn't be more different. For men who had grown up in a place where the only form of currency is pigs, and innovations such as electricity, television and the internal combustion engine never caught on, the land of skyscrapers and unbridled capitalism isn't just another country. It might as well be another planet.

Much more to read on the link

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By netchicken: posted on 9-9-2007

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