America under threat? Zavikon Islands and the worlds shortest international bridge

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America under threat? Zavikon Islands and the worlds shortest international bridge

This is the border between Canada and the USA and Zavikon Islands. The Island on the left is supposedly in Canada and the one on the right in the USA.

I find this lack of a secure entry point into the USA to be disturbing. Whats to stop some terrorists from running over the bridge and infiltrating the US? Its the perfect spot for a container truck full of WMD to pass unnoticed into America.

Not to mention illegal immigrants heading south to work in the fields or Hollywood.

The West will only be safe when there is a strong military presence on the Zavikon Islands.


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By netchicken: posted on 11-9-2007

I'm sure hidden in those bushes are a couple of FBI agents and minutemen building a fence !
By IAF: posted on 12-9-2007

Apparently its a folk myth.

Zavikon Island refers to either the larger or the pair of islands in the Thousand Islands archipelago on the St. Lawrence River between New York and Ontario, two km southeast of Rockport, Ontario and about 200 meters north of the international boundary.

As confirmed by various USGS and US Department of Defense maps, Zavikon Island is located in Canadian territory and belongs to the Leeds and Grenville municipal unit.

The smaller and more southeastern of the pair of islands is sometimes called Little Zavikon Island. It has a US-Canada Boundary Commission reference monument, from which, along with other reference monuments on the shore and islands, surveying measurement are used to calculate the international boundary line turning points in the waterway (in this case, about 140 meters south-southeast of the southern tip of Little Zavikon Island as shown on the largest scale USGS map of the area.

A popular but incorrect tale among local guides is that the larger island is in Canada, while "Little Zavikon Island" is in the United States, and the foot bridge between them is the "shortest international bridge in the world"

Antique image below suggests an international border crossing.

zavikon-island.jpg - 34.35kb
By netchicken: posted on 21-7-2010

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