The Giant floating banana of Texas and song

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The Giant floating banana of Texas and song

A giant floating banana is being constructed in texas to do .... something ... Indeed everything is bigger in Texas.

Argentinian-born artist Cesar Saez is building a giant banana, to be filled with helium and floated in a geostationary orbit over Texas.

Basically, the banana will be constructed like a blimp. Filled with helium, it will float between 30 and 50 km up in the sky. It will have a semi-rigid structure made of bamboo and a skin made with synthetic paper.

Thanks to extra load in gas and a valve system, it will keep its shape at all times. The final size of the piece will be 300 meters in length. The expected launching date is August 2008 from around Baja or Sonora, north-west of Mexico. The total costs for this project is roughly estimated at one million dollars.




This leads to a song!!!

The Yellow Banana of Texas
(Sung to the yellow Rose of texas)

There's a yellow banana in Texas, that I am going to see,
Nobody else could miss it, its bigger than a frigging tree.
Its floating high up in the air, it broke my heart,
And when I ever find it, we nevermore will part.

She's the sweetest banana of color
This darky every (sic) knew
It floats high up in the sky
Where the birdies flew
You may talk about dearest Musaceae
And sing of apples too
But the yellow banana of Texas
Beats the cherries in the tree

When the Rio Grande is flowing, the starry skies are bright,
It floats high up there in the sky in the quiet summer night:
I know that it remembers, some nut make it long ago,
I promise to return again, and watch it floating so.

Oh now I'm going to find it, for my heart is full of woe,
And we'll eat banan splits together that we had so long ago
We'll eat the icecream gaily, and we'll all cry out for more,
And the yellow banana of Texas shall be mine forevermore.

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By netchicken: posted on 12-9-2007

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