Scottish Smoking Ban Leads to Huge Drop in Heart Attacks

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Scottish Smoking Ban Leads to Huge Drop in Heart Attacks

Banning smoking in Scotland has lead to massive health benefits for Scotlands population in just one year.

A new study provides surprising evidence of the effects of smoking bans: Heart attacks have dropped by 17 percent in Scotland since smoking was banned in public last year.

The Scots are notorious for their chronically low life expectancy. Many drink and smoke too much and their diet often leaves something to be desired -- and so they tend to die a few years before the average European. In Glasgow, for example, the average man does not need to worry about what he will do on his 71st birthday.

Health education campaigns costing millions of euros have nonetheless led to a decline in heart attacks over the last few years, at an annual rate of about 3 percent. But now it seems a miracle has happened: The number of heart attacks in Scotland has suddenly dropped by no less than 17 percent in a single year.

What has happened? Have the Scots stopped eating red meat? Has the whole country started knocking back cholesterol medication? Are they all training for the marathon?

No. The reason is much simpler: Scots are having fewer heart attacks because they are no longer inhaling other people's cigarette smoke when they sit in the pub, the train or the office.

Scientists at the University of Glasgow reported last week that things have become remarkably quiet in the country's heart clinics since smoking in public was banned in Scotland in March 2006 (more...). In nine selected Scottish clinics, 3,235 heart attack victims were brought in during the 10 months before the ban. In comparison, the number for the 10 months after the ban was only 2,684.

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By netchicken: posted on 22-9-2007

Watch and see, it is going to surface that the anti-smoking nazis have been dissolving glycerin tablets in the water supply in order to artificially lower the rates of heart attacks.
Next will be a ban on drinking. In order to prove that sobriety does not hurt the odds of ugly women finding one night stands LSD will be dissolved into the water fountains.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 22-9-2007

I dont see how passive smoking would suddenly stop people getting heart attacks. How would inhaling some cigarette smoke now and then cause an increase in heart attacks. What about all the other air pollutants that are bad for you like car exhaust, dust, factory exhaust etc.

They make it sound as if, if people give up smoking people would live to 200 years.
By IAF: posted on 23-9-2007

Maybe their health stats were so appalling that any change for the better made a dramatic benefit.

We have had no smoking in pubs for years now (3?) but there have been no reports like this for heart attacks. However we are one of the least smoking countries in the world to start off with. I can only think of one person I know who smokes and he's French!

Pubs are far nicer without smoke in them, they have become nice places to go for a beer and a meal.
By netchicken: posted on 23-9-2007

Well I guess in NZ there are better things to smoke than tobacco ! ;)
By IAF: posted on 23-9-2007

You could be right :)

Here are some WHO stats, but they are pretty vague...
By netchicken: posted on 23-9-2007

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