Police fail to shoot dog despite multiple shots

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Police fail to shoot dog despite multiple shots

An aggressive dog ran towards police during a police standoff with a crazed person, and was met by a hail of bullets yet every one missed. Police said no one was in danger, but heck, the DOG was certianly not in danger :)

Watching the video you see the dog run out of the house, down the road and into another section. The dog was shot at as it went passed.

It then returned out of the gate, ran up the street and back into the home. The dog was again shot at but all shots missed.

Police said it was a "small black fast dog" yet also said earlier that it was a "large rottweiller". Maybe there was more than one dog, or maybe they were confused.

Probably the safest being on the street was the dog.

Video on the site of the attempted shooting.


Police are defending themselves after a dramatic shooting incident in a residential street near Wellington last night.

Several officers opened fire on a dog after it was deliberately set on them.

All the shots missed, but police say no one was in danger.

Police say the dog was set on them by a man who had earlier threatened his partner and their baby with a baseball bat. They say the man also threw logs and a tomahawk at officers.

"It was a large rottweiller, he was hyping up the dog. Occasionally he'd let the gate open. He was taunting the police; taunting police dogs, saying, "Come and get me," and so on. It was definitely tense," says Inspector John Spence.

By netchicken: posted on 3-10-2007

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