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Ruin your career and get owned on TV

I don't know of Jonny Fairplay but this guy has really lost the plot, funny to watch in a train accident sort of way. Fairplay is the guy on the ground.

Danny Bonaduce interrupts "Survivor" star Jonny Fairplay as he's introducing an award Tuesday night. Jonny does his signature monkey humping move (as seen in the "Survivor: Pearl Islands" opening) -- and things go downhill from there.

Fairplay was taken to the hospital, and then to the dentist, where he underwent 2 1/2 hours of surgery. According to Fairplay, the body slam knocked one tooth out and moved three others and he now has to undergo multiple root canals.

Unfortunately I can't embed it....

Somewhat shorter version here

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By netchicken: posted on 5-10-2007

More on the event.

An otherwise forgettable reality-TV affair resulted in turnabout—and then some—for Johnny Fairplay.

The former Survivor contestant, occasional wrestler and self-proclaimed Most Hated Man in Reality Television was hospitalized following Tuesday's Fox Reality Channel's Really Awards, when an onstage scuffle with Danny Bonaduce apparently escalated.

Fairplay, who infamously faked his grandmother's death to win an immunity challenge on the Pearl Islands installment of the CBS show, filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department at 1:45 a.m. Wednesday, after officers were dispatched to his room at the Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital.

According to the report, Fairplay, whose real name is Jon Dalton, 33, alleged that he was presenting an award onstage when fellow reality show has-been Bonaduce walked unannounced and unexpectedly onstage. Fairplay said he attempted to hug the VH1 star, only to have an unprovoked Bonaduce grab Fairplay and flip him face first onto the stage.

Per his complaint, Fairplay's spill resulted in a couple of broken teeth and assorted bruises and cuts.

... Quote:
Johnny was definitely injured. I was there at the event and there were gasps from the audience and it was very surprising. Nobody thought Danny would do that. It was scary. At this point in time Johnny is in a considerable amount of pain...He is undergoing a second round of dental surgery today and the issues with his jaw alone are not just cosmetic, but medical as well. There was damage to his jawbone in the assault

In order for Johnny to be admitted to the ER last night the police have to take a statement and make a report. At this point it's in the hands of the LAPD. With that being said Johnny certainly wants to see justice done and he will cooperate.

Manager Marc Marcuse, who rode alongside Fairplay in the ambulance from the ceremony to the hospital, told E! News. "

Investigators are still trying to sort out what exactly went down. No charges have been filed against Bonaduce. (Decide for yourself, watch video of the showdown.)

For his part, the former Partridge Family player, who also cohosts of Adam Carolla's syndicated morning radio program, has already pleaded innocence.

On Wednesday's show, Bonaduce, 48, said he was waiting in the wings watching the show wrap up when he saw Fairplay take the stage.

"I can't tell if he's supposed to be there or not," he said. "He starts going, 'Why are you booing me?' over and over again."

To the people around him, Bonaduce muttered that it was because the audience hated Fairplay. Bonaduce said a woman in a headset then encouraged him to go onstage and tell Fairplay—a request Bonaduce readily obliged.

"I said, 'Buddy, they're booing because people hate you.' That's it. I turned and walked away and I am off the first step of the stage. I heard him yell, I turn around, literally 10 feet away, and he's running at me at full speed.

"He leaps into the air and straddles me—his legs are above my waist. He's now got me in the death grip, jerking me back and forth trying to know me to the ground...I just grabbed the butt of his jeans and pushed straight up into the air. And apparently he landed behind me on his teeth.

"I didn't know he'd be so light."

Bonaduce said that while he'd ordinarily be "terrified" to be a suspect in a pending assault investigation, he's confident that once police view footage of the incident, he'll be in the clear.

"This is Johnny Fairplay, who'll do anything to get his name in the paper," Bonaduce said. "I'm sure he'll try and sue me, but he'll lose rather badly."

Bonaduce's version of events was essentially seconded by America's Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry, who has posted a blog entry on her Website claiming that the "lady in a headset" who urged Bonaduce onstage was in fact her.

Unfortunately, along with taking credit for the injury, she also paints the incident in a less accidental light.

"Danny Bonaduce whispers in my ear 'Do you think I should go up there and tell him what a douche he is?' Naturally I say YES! Then he tells me 'Do you want me to tackle him?' Silly me, I said 'DO IT DANNY!!!'
By netchicken: posted on 5-10-2007

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