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I am a man who is 56, who did my M.PHIL. (History) from Annamalai University.
I am interested in Science and for my thesis I happened to refer vedas. I wondered once I read vedas it speaks about the Nano Technology and says that all the Changes in Earth are because of the SOUTH POLE.
As you people think the rays of the SUN doesn't comes to earth directly. The rays, the magnetic force the electronic waves from the other planets of the Zodiac, the moon, the mercury, the Saturn, the mars, the Jupiter, etc., are sending rays to earth and the colors are making the "Vibgyor" the rays from the moon is Yellow, the sun is Red. and so on.
When these rays are absorbed by the SOUTH POLE the South pole throws the mixed rays in to the ORBIT which is being Sucked by the NORTH POLE. due to this the Electro magnetic forces are traveling at high speed to words North pole.
Due to this the South India gets more heat when compared with Europe and Russia. Russia is protected by High mountains and hence the rays from other planets doesn't reach that Country so it is cold and reads minus.
these rays are spreader up to 5 km to 6 KMs high above sea level and due to this the hill areas in Tamil Nadu are cooler in summer too. More over since there is mountain that runs from south to North and dividing Karnataka and Kerala from Tamil Nadu and these states gets rain When there is Summer in Tamil nadu.

When coming back to South pole the floor of the south pole was already studied by Zorathustra of Persia (Iran) who draw a map in B.C.7000 based on vedas that was chanted in B.C.23,000. Mr.Albruni a traveler from Arab who visited South India in CE 1080 modified this diagram in Arab and had written Koran in that Arabian Magic Plate.

When the rays of Saturn is on high power and attacks earth the South Pole, the south pole resends to the Orbit which is absorbed by earth's center of Gravity. The Center of Gravity is nothing but the Electro magnetic force that travels from south pole to North pole. and thrown to the earth which is responsible for earth's Geological Changes and earth quake etc.,
For the last three years I am sending these mails to Nasa and you but no one wish to hear me.
Now I suggests you people to take some Copper, Silver, Stainless Steel, Iron, Gold and other metals of your Choice and Charcoal, pure Silicon Sand , Mud etc., and spread these in South pole and cover the earth in South pole for One Sq.Kilo meter each. That is One Sq.Km with Copper and One with Silver etc., If you absorb this and the change the earth takes you will wounder that you missed for so many years.

If you invite me to give a lecture I am ready.
I am fluent in Tamil and wish you allow me to speak in Tamil which can be translated in English by one of your Scientists.
When you visit Chennai, please let me know so that I can meet you in person and tell more.

It is true and if you people cooperate we can dig many secretes out.

By ramachandran: posted on 7-10-2007

Basic principles in electricity, physical science and chemistry are found in many languages, maybe even in Tamil. I'd suggest taking a few college courses.

Why do people think that those of us who frequent message boards are uneducated dolts?

By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 8-10-2007

sigh ....
says it all really
... Quote:
For the last three years I am sending these mails to Nasa and you but no one wish to hear me.
By netchicken: posted on 8-10-2007

I think we should let him come lecture :dbguy
By Venus: posted on 9-10-2007

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